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Description and idea of the game

If you love the world of the Romans welcome to the world of Victorius. Conquering the world will be your goal and create the greatest empire ever. The historical theme is well curated by excellent graphics accompanied by good sound. We are faced with a slot with 5 non-progressive reels, the paylines offered are 243 created by NetEnt. The Victorius slot offers Wild symbols, Scater symbols, Free Spin and offers you a maximum jackpot of 7,500 euros.


The symbols are very simple graphically, similar to a theme that could also be related to comics. Apart from the classic symbols related to poker cards we obviously have symbols that recall the Roman Empire: Caesar, the Centurions, the Soldiers, the Golden Eagle, the Lauro, etc. The game is based on the theme of war and thanks to the excellent sound you will feel at the center of the battle. To this we add 4 typical features of this game: Scatter symbols, Wild, Free Spin and Multipliers. In short, everything you need to have fun and maybe even win big cash prizes if luck will accompany you in your “spins.” The slot is suitable for both novices and players who like to aim a little harder.


Bets range from 1 to 50 cents per token up to a maximum of 10 tokens. In short, the Victorius slot is suitable for every pocket. A special feature of the Victorius is that the Wild symbol can also replace scatter symbols, this to give life to free spins that are given by 3 or more Scatter symbols from left to right (this is not easy to obtain) and therefore the Wild symbol could be decisive on many occasions. You can have from 15 up 25 free laps and in addition the prizes you will get in free laps will be tripled. The Victorius is not considered by many to be among the best products of The Swedish developers, in any case it retains its charm and great playability and you will feel like inside real battles in Roman times.