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I have two goals which is loose fat and gain some strength. Body weight options, dumbbell options, and resistance band options. Should I even bother switching to an intermediate routine on a deficit, or should I just stick with my beginner routine to maintain my strength until I get down to my target weight, and then continue with the beginner program on a small surplus at that point until it no longer gives me progress again? But if you were to ignore me and do it anyway, it would need to be in place of leg presses, not in addition to them. Time: Add ten minutes to your routine I have a question. Think you're ready to take your fitness routine up a level? ), Great Site! So for that i believe i need a certain amount of protein and rest can be carb/fat. I have been doing the split upper A lower A, upper B lower B work out and I love it. Get at least 10, 9, 8 before increasing. But with this approach, you’d never know that. Progress was good for a while, then it started to slow down. Some experts will take the time frame approach. cursed) me with and then work to gain muscle. It can work. I’ve had a look at your beginners programme and when to step up to intermediate articles and they look great!! The Intermediate Gym Routine. and eat ’em. Much thanks and keep up the great work on here! Others may take a strength-based approach, which means once you can lift a certain amount of weight, it’s time to move up. Visibly I am not convinced as I still feel I could have gotten in shape by now and feel dejected looking at my belly fat. I don’t care if that’s after 4 months, 6 months, 8 months, or 2 years. If you up the intensity of your routine and maintain a heart rate that is 80 percent of your maximum, you should see results quickly. How can I build endurance while not losing weight? Any suggestions on a workout routine that would suit me? Yes. It is little boring to me, and your intermediate workout seems very exciting. My full work out schedule is as follows: Monday – Upper back (lats), traps and biceps Tuesday – Chest and triceps Wednesday – Legs Thursday – Lower back (rows, DL) and biceps Friday – Shoulders and chest. First I would like to thank you for the detailed and clear explanation of whole topics about fat burning, I also purchased your book, The Best Exercise Routines and it is awesome! It’s a routine designed to allow beginners to break into weight training and make progressive strength gains as fast as possible. I wanna get those juicy abs on my arsenal. 2. – I’m 6’0″, 175 lbs, 20% body fat), but have never really done any weight training – something I realise I should have. By that I mean avoiding refined food, sugary protein bars and powders, etc. I’m so worried this site will magically disappear by the time I’m ready to advance to intermediate. I like split you recommend much more. At that point, switch to the intermediate routine. It’s cool though, we were all there once asking the same silly noob things. Although, of the exercises you mentioned, front squats are really the only one I’d use for someone whose primary goal is building muscle/looking awesome. So if you’re using one that doesn’t, then it obviously won’t happen. So how would I balance the diet to gain strength on the weight training days, and lose fat/gain endurance on the cardio days? I just don’t understand why all that exercise and proper diet for that long yielded NO results. My squat got up to 85kg which felt almost too heavy for 12 reps but I deloaded to 80kg where I have been for 2 cycles now, my SLDLs have also been stuck at 110kg for 1 cycle, my Bench Press has been stuck for 1 cycle and my Shoulder Press has been struggling to get past 30kg for a couple of cycles. As a result of this i am getting slightly bored with the routine. I don’t care if you bench, squat and deadlift some magical percentage of your body weight that some guru pulled out of their ass, or 100lbs more than that. 1. That’s really all there is to it. Quick question about the miffin maintenance level calculator, would I count myself as very active since I’d be starting the beginner routine or do you enter your activity as you were before you start? My question is could this also be possible for the secondary exercises such as dumbbell press, rows, shoulder press etc and would it be potentially more beneficial considering the above circumstances?. I have been eating more lately to compensate for the calorie burns during cardio sessions. It turns out that the key to longevity is caring for your health. 1. If you want to do a lot of endurance work but NOT lose any weight, it’s really just a matter of making sure you eat enough extra calories to compensate for the calories being burned. I am a beginner, I started in November 2015. And if you like doing the cardio AND need it for your goal, then it’s worth trying to make work. If cardio fits with your goals, then yes, you can/should do it. If you haven’t consistently done intelligent strength focused weight training for the last 6 months at least, you should start with the beginner routine and ride it out for as long as it allows you to progress. I have started with the beginner course; however, I want to know if it is ok if I don’t follow the sequence in each workout (Workout A and Workout B). What if you went straight to the 4 day intermediate? If you haven’t worked out consistently since 1.5 years ago, you should definitely start off with the beginner routine and use it for as long as you progress well with it. And nope, no problems deadlifting at this frequency. Should I move on to the intermediate routine or should I wait until progress completely stalls? Here come the best option which is The Progress Approach; once you start seeing significant and continuous drop in progress - by monitoring these progress markers-, that’s when you know that you need an intermediate workout plan. The reason I ask is because I want to build strong abs and a strong core. Others may take a strength-based approach, which means once you can lift a certain amount of weight, it’s time to move up. The reason is because I want to work my abs too, ’cause you know, summer is nearing.

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