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Hope this helps! The Shannon and Weaver Model of Communication is a mathematical theory of communication that argues that human communication can be broken down into 6 key concepts: sender, encoder, channel, noise, decoder, and receiver. The transactional model has a number of interdependent processes and components, including the encoding and decoding processes, the communicator, the message, the channel and noise. Linear Model of Communication It is a simple one way communication model. This was taken from a diagram called the Transactional Communication Model in my textbook. How does diversity influence public speaking? Transactional model I. Linear model II. How is this model different than the linear model? How is this model different than the linear model? This is different because unlike the one-way transmission of messages, which is … I would say that the 7 components of the transactional model of communication are encode/decode, symbols, message, channel, leader, follower, and noise. o The transactional model of communication is the type used today and it is when the participants in a public speaking seek to create shared meaning. Although not directly addressed in Barnlund’s (2008) original transactional model, participants’ worldviews and the context also play an important role in the communication process. How does critical thinking influence public speaking? By interpersonal communication we mean communication taking place between two individuals. The transactional model shows that the elements in communication are interdependent. In 1977, at Tenerife in the Canary Islands, heavy accents and improper terminology among a Dutch KLM crew, an American Pan Am crew and a Spanish air traffic controller led to the worst aviation disaster in history, in which 583 passengers perished. History is full of instances where major mishaps happened due to communication issues. What are the main components of the transactional model of communication? A later version of the theory by Norbert Weiner added a 7th concept (‘feedback’) which changed the model from a linear to cyclical model. antislavery movement) in the U.S. What are the main components of the transactional model of communication? This model is the most general model of communication as even our daily interactions are instances of transactional model communication. Communication Models Communication Models are conceptual models used to explain the human communication process. Transactional mode of communication is simply one of the two types of interpersonal communication. The message flows in a straight line from sender […] How does ethics influence public speaking? Interactive model III. TRANSACTIONAL MODEL OF COMMUNICATION 2. THERE ARE THREE IMPLICATIONS IN THE TRANSACTIONAL MODEL: • “Transactional” means that communication is an … Each person in the communication act is both a speaker and a listener, and can be simultaneously sending and receiving messages 3. In this section, you will learn about three models of communication: I. Transactional model becomes more efficient and effective when the participants are of similar environment, know each other and share same social system. Can you define, explain, and provide examples of the terms on Speak Up ’s page 31?

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