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VL65 High Performance Acoustic Membrane A Revit / BIM Family object file is availabl.. £41.95 View and Buy. My Studio. If so, they should help. RW 28–32 dB. Tecsound 50 Acoustic Membrane - Plain Tecsound 50 - Acoustic Membrane Recyclable and made from 68% recycled mater.. £48.68 View and Buy. Acoustic Membrane VL65 Sound barrier. Roll Sizes: 16.73m² rolls. Euroclass B, s2, d0 (Class 0) fire rated. When combined with rock fibre or PIR insulation, the product provides an inexpensive, high performance acoustic solution for flat roofing and built-up metal roofing systems (e.g. Tecsound 100 and VL65 membranes: 5.2 mm Tecsound 100 and VL65 membranes and 4 mm thick and 10 kg/m 2 and 6 kg/m 2 respectively. Acoustic Membrane VL65 Sound barrier. This product is only 2Kg/m² and is easy to handle and carry. VL65 Acoustic Membrane Viscolastic High Performance Sound Insulation thanks for any advice Share Quote. Insulation, absorption and miscellaneous products Tecsound 100 and VL65 acoustic membranes: 5.2mm and 4mm thick and 10kg/sq.m and 6kg/sq.m respectively. I have no experience with that product or manufacturer, but good for them for publishing specs. standing seam). When used in conjunction with our Tecsound 50 or Tecsound 70 acoustic membrane the combination can provide a very meaningful improvement in airborne and impact sound for newly laid laminate and engineered floors. RW 28 - 32 dB. Tecsound 2FT80 quilt: 24 mm thick, 8 kg/m², RW 28 dB. VL65 High Performance Acoustic Membrane A Revit / BIM Family object file is availabl.. £41.95 Tecsound SY50 Acoustic Membrane - Self-adhesive Tecsound SY50 - Acoustic Membrane Recyclable and made from 68% recycled mat.. £55.75 Tecsound SY50-ALU Acoustic Membrane Tecsound SY50-ALU - Foil faced, Oil Resistant, High Performance Acoustic … TECSOUND ACOUSTIC ROOFING MEMBRANE (part code A140) is a flexible, high density, visco-elastic polymer mass layer. Roll Width – 1.82 metres (6'). RW 28 dB. The Tecsound 70 is a 3.5mm mat as opposed to the 2.6mm Tecsound 50. High density, cement impregnated acoustic board - 18 mm thick, Class 0 fire-rated, RW 35 dB. AcoustiFence is a high performance soundproof fencing and acoustic barrier membrane to combat unwanted road, rail and neighbour noise. 22nd May 2017 #17. JWL.GIK. This SoundBlocker acoustic membrane is nominally only 1.2mm thick and provides minimum loss of room space for maximum noise reduction. An ideal solution to tackle residential and even industrial noise pollution. Work on soundproofing a ceiling can now be carried out by a single person as the roll is simple to work with making for a quick, easy, home improvement product. Euroclass B, s2, d0 (Class 0) fire rated. Key Facts: Thickness: 3mm (0.3cm) Weight: 4.88kg per square metre (psm). Roll Length – 9.14 metres (30′). VL-65 Acoustic membrane PC @ £40/m2 = £1,850 Nope, that one is new to us. Tecsound 2FT80B quilt: 24 mm thick, 8.4 kg/mTecsound 2FT80B quilt 2. Recycled and recyclable. Thanks for the heads up on the UFH issues, we've had the same from our architect and are including mixer units and pumps with weather compensated control to … More research for us I guess! Lives for gear . The extra mass of the Tecsound 70 should add around 4 dB more acoustic protection in comparison to the … Recyclable and recycled. Hopefully they are accurate.

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