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Myke Cole is an award-winning novelist best known for The Sacred Throne Trilogy and The Shadow Ops Trilogy. Email. All rights reserved. Available Stock; Add to want list; This item is not in stock. Site Wrapper – spec available on request. If/when that happens, that’s when I will believe what we are seeing is truly going to be impactful. From celebrated author Myke Cole (The Sacred Throne Trilogy, The Shadow Ops Trilogy) and venerable artist Tony Akins (Fables, Hellblazer, Wonder Woman) comes a story of war and family, blending historical fiction with a touch of fantasy. The first issue will drop with a special Pulp & Paint variant cover by Nathan Gooden & Tim Daniel. Consider supporting us and independent comics journalism by becoming a patron today! HUNDRED WOLVES is set during the Siege of Vienna in 1683. Among his work from this period is Comico’s Red Dragon and Elementals. His art has appeared in several issues of DC/Vertigo’s Fables, and Akins was also the original pencil artist on Jack of Fables in 2006. — Vault Comics (@thevaultcomics) June 25, 2020 “Vault Comics will no longer be publishing Hundred Wolves from writer Myke Cole.” Cole’s name was first brought up in regards to his alleged past conduct by artist Cara McGee , who tweeted that Cole had harassed and physically assaulted her at a past Emerald City Comic Con. He also states he doesn’t remember the incident and has told his buddies to call him out when he’s being inappropriate. Over 50% of this obsession with “sexual harassment” comes from the paranoid and puritanical interjecting their own fears and biases into innocently-intended verbal remarks. Exclusive previews, reviews, and the latest news every week, delivered to your inbox. Missoula, MT (1/24/2020):  Vault Comics is thrilled to announce HUNDRED WOLVES, a historically inspired fantasy comic series co-created by award-winning novelist Myke Cole (The Sacred Throne Trilogy, The Shadow Ops Trilogy) and master artist Tony Akins (Fables, Hellblazer, Wonder Woman), with colors Vladimir Popov, letters by Jim Campbell, and designed by Tim Daniel. He deserves some credit for owning up to his actions, but this definitely doesn’t feel like a “he said/she said” Twitter beef. The publisher today issued the following statement via social media: Vault Comics will no longer be publishing Hundred Wolves from writer Myke Cole. We have several sizes to fit every budget. Vault Comics has announced a shift in their release schedule thanks to COVID-19 shutdowns and the effects on comics and comic shops.Two new books, Heavy and Hundred Wolves, are now slated for release in September to better accommodate both readers and shops in uncertain times.Heavy #1 will be available on September 9, and Hundred Wolves #1 will be released on … In addition to our sincere thanks, you can gain access to our vibrant Discord community of patrons and staff members, get trade paperbacks sent to your house every month, and a lot more. Both the Hundred Wolves and the couple’s new liege lord wish to employ their deadly skills-and neither will take no for an answer. And above all, the pluck and swagger of the Cossacks, with their punk-rock haircuts, flashing sabers, and belly-laughing defiance of imperial authority,” said Cole. McGee (@ohcararara) June 23, 2020. It had everything, and it was heavily based in history, and I love histories. The writer, accused of harassment and physical assault on Twitter, has issued an apology. © 2011 - 2020 AIPT, LLC. The full synopsis of HUNDRED WOLVES can be found below: “The Hundred Wolves are bloody-handed terrors of the steppe. The accusation is the proof and destruction soon follows, no matter of guilt or innocence. Cole was named in February 2018, accused of misconduct and he’d go on to apologize for … The series was slated to release this September featuring art by Tony Akins, colors by Vladimir Popov, and letters by Jim Campbell. I often feel badly in these situations for the other creators on the book, who have done nothing and were probably unaware of the conduct of the other. I think there should be an mass exodus of established comic pros willing to go out and fund their own projects, because you never know when past bullshit allegations are going to come and bite you in the ass. “It is such an amazing story, a heroic defense in the face of arguably hopeless odds and a stirring, last-minute rescue from an unexpected quarter. Vault Comics announces 'Hundred Wolves' from Myke Cole & Tony Akins coming April 2020, DC Preview: The Dreaming: Waking Hours #5, DC Preview: Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Wonder Woman: War of the Gods #1. From celebrated author Myke Cole (The Sacred Throne Trilogy, The Shadow Ops Trilogy) and venerable artist Tony Akins (Fables, Hellblazer, Wonder Woman) comes a story of war and family, blending historical fiction with a touch of fantasy.”. Top Sidebar Boombox: 300 px wide x 250 px high, Large Sidebar Boombox: 300 px wide x 600 px high, All ads should be either jpgs or animated gifs. HUNDRED WOLVES #1 will hit store shelves in April 2020. “The Siege of Vienna in 1683 is one of the most dramatic, visually arresting, and movie-ready stories in the history of warfare,” said Myke Cole. “The HUNDRED WOLVES pitch document landed right where it needed to land: my lap,” added Tony Akins.” I’ll just say it was kind of like a mix of romance and inspiration, my initial reaction to the story and setting. Not to be cynical though (but I can’t help it) the true test of this current “movement” is going to be when a big-name, big-money writer is accused and if that stops a major project. That translates to some of my own experiences as an American, and particularly as an African-American.”. Mark: Cole essentially admits previous infractions in his own separate Twitter thread. Hey while I'm here, how about that time Myke Cole spent an evening leering at me at the ECCC bar, trying to pull me onto his lap, and told me he wanted to piss on me, until another SFF writer tore into him for being a creep. The Super-Sons return in new DC Digital series from Tomasi &... Funko recreates tear-jerking “I Love You 3000” moment from ENDGAME, Recap: THE MANDALORIAN — “Chapter 13: The Jedi”. If you use the "Add to want list" tab to add this issue to your want list, we will email you when it becomes available. Advertising slots are available right now for the Beat. Because of the Covid-19 shut down, Vault decided to shift their publishing schedule to better accommodate readers and comic shops during these tumultuous times. He was born in Chicago as the son of pioneering African-American cartoonist Douglas Akins. PRESS RELEASE. “It arguably decided the future of the European and Turkish worlds both. And almost nobody has even heard of it.”, “I only discovered it by chance (being a historian, I chase these things) and was immediately electrified,” added Cole.

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