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Then again, I never actually make ramen noodle soup. Maruchan: 18 flavors Nissin/Top Ramen: About 6 apparently In terms of robustness of the actual flavoring I can’t say I really see a difference between the flavors – they all seem to be similar. Maruchan chicken or beef was the staple in my family growing up as it was a better value, but we've moved onto the standard Shin Ramyun. I usually just buy Maruchan. How Long Does It Take To Cook Pancakes On A Griddle I just cook the noodles, let them steep in the broth for a few minutes, dump out the broth and eat them with Parmesan Maruchan is a Japanese word comprised of two parts, Maru and chan. Relentless, endless, enervating, exasperating question. This Maruchan vs Top Ramen argument helps you decide which one to go for. I haven't had Top Ramen since the supposed change, but Maruchan is still a nostalgic treat I assumed all the ramen was made by nissan, since all their packages are the same color as maruchan, and that top I've been eating this ramen shit for more than 10 years, and I've failed to notice there were different brands. Top Ramen often has only straightforward chicken and beef flavors in circulation. I've never had Top Ramen. Sure, we all have OMG, the dread consumer angst popping up again. Which is the better granola, the better ketchup, the better instant coffee, the better butter….? Interestingly, Top Ramen has 190 calories, 60 of which are from fat, and is 38% sodium at 910 milligrams (yep, literally take that with a grain of salt), while Maruchan, though also 190 calories a packet, has 70 calories from fat Maru also means rounded, as opposed to square or angular. Meanwhile, Maruchan tends to have more spin-off flavors available, ranging from spicy chicken to … Maru literally means round, as in the shape of a ball or a happy child’s face.

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