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It was the sacred duty of the children to look after the elderly. A small group of Spartans who made all the important governing decisions. Satrap. Greek law laid down severe penalties for those who failed to discharge their obligations. The Council Of Elders (Gerousia) comprised 30 citizens who were males at least 60 years of age and included the two kings. gerentocracy. The ephors preside over the gerousia ('council of elders'), a body which is aptly named since all thirty members, apart from the two kings, have to be over the age of sixty. market place of ancient Greece. In ancient Greece this was very simple. oligarchy. Similar to Athens, Sparta also had an assembly, but the important desicions were made by a group called the Council Of Elders. History 33 Terms. The two kings inherited their positions and they both shared equal powers. monarchy. It had a council too, of 500 men over 30 years old. To rid the world of the tyrants, the Elders infused several mortals with divine powers, thus turning them into the Greek Gods of mythology. While many ancient philosophers praised the moderating influence of this body, most modern scholars view it as a non-democratic element in the Spartan constitution. These kings themselves were also considered priests of the god Zeus. The Ephors presided over meetings of the Gerousia, the oligarchic council of elders. A governor of a province in ancient Persia. In Delphi, for instance, anyone who failed to look after his parents was liable to be put in jail. The territory governed by an official known as a satrap. ... SLO Vocabulary- HIP and Ancient Greece: Government, Military, Golden Ages 34 Terms. History The Titans. The Council of Elders consisted of two kings and 28 other men. A government ruled by a king or queen. ... a group of 5 officials that helped govern Sparta with the Concil of Elders. fantasticEmma44. An ephor was an official of ancient Sparta. A high-ranked government official in Sparta who was elected by the council of elders. When there is a vacancy in the council of elders, it is filled by a vote of the assembly - in which every citizen has a voice. Sparta had two kings, but these kings were regulated by a council of elders, referred to as the gerousia. Areopagus ărēŏp´əgəs [Gr.,=hill of Ares], rocky hill, 370 ft (113 m) high, NW of the Acropolis of Athens, famous as the sacred meeting place of the prime council of Athens. An oligarchy meant the ruling power was in the hands of only a few people. The gerousia created laws, bills, proposals, and legal issues to be voted upon. Satrapies. This council was made up of 28 men and the two kings. However, after the gods imprisoned the Titans, they were consumed by their own power and declared themselves gods, forcing the world to worship them. Together with Athens, Sparta is one of the best known city-states of ancient Greece, but during the classical period, it was a very different place to Athens. Sparta was an aristocracy that had a Council of Elders. Battle of Marathon (490 B.C.E.) SAG4kid. ... Council of Elders. There were five Ephors elected annually, who swore each month to uphold the rule of the two kings, while the kings swore to uphold the law. In the times of Ancient Greece, the Titans ruthlessly ruled the earth. Once elected, they serve for life. The members of the Gerousia held their positions for life, making the Council of Elders a conservative and notoriously cautious body. Sparta was ruled by two kings and a Council of Elders. government of the old. Athens was a democracy. This council, also called the Areopagus, represented the ancient council of elders, which usually combined judicial and legislative functions from the beginning.

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