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The acoustic guitars on this list are the best parlor guitars. This gives you the flexibility to take one parlor guitar from your home to the stage, without missing a beat. Like most retro parlor guitars, the Jim Dandy features a 12th fret neck join and straight bridge for a slightly shorter scale. The 200 is designed with aesthetic constraint, appealing to those looking for a more classic, less glamorous guitar. Varnish is applied to unfilled wood, giving the instrument a much more organic feel. This parlor guitar uses a solid sitka spruce top and layered walnut for the back and sides; together they provide great sustain and clarity without sacrificing depth. By definition, a parlor guitar is smaller than the 0 style by Martin. But this guitar isn’t just a pretty tool for using around the house. How to Pick the Best All-Around Taylor Guitar, Taylor GS Mini-E Mahogany Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium Guitar, Taylor 150e – Dreadnought 12 String Guitar, The 5 Best Fingerstyle Guitars for the Money in 2020 (Reviews), The 4 Best Electric Guitars For Small Hands of 2020 (Reviews), The 4 Best Guitars for Rocksmith - Reviews-2020, The 14 Best Bass Combo Amps Under $500 (Reviews – 2020), The 5 Best Acoustic Simulator Pedals of 2020 (Reviews). too small to allow for cutaways, which makes it more difficult to access those upper frets. This patented system by Taylor works to simulate the warm, woody sound of your acoustic as if it were in front of a microphone. Speaking of luxury, the P-240 is one of the most attractive parlor guitars around. So what is the best Taylor guitar for the money? One of the best parlor guitars out there — and our personal favorite — is the. Best Choice: Top-notch tonewoods and unique body shape for a parlor guitar that punches well above its price, Best Value: Jam-packed with blues and country tones at an extremely affordable price, Premium Pick: Merges classical style with parlor size for a great fingerpicking model. The best parlor guitars are often nearly symmetrical. The first is the neck size of parlor guitars. You can make sure your sound stays perfect with the volume and tone controls in the soundhole. We are not sponsored, endorsed or influenced, all opinions expressed are the result of direct experience or extensive research. The issue with many mini guitars is that it’s difficult to get a rich tone from a smaller body. They’re also excellent beginner guitars, appealing to younger or less experienced guitar players. Parlor guitars are a lot curvier and narrower than larger acoustic guitars. At the same time, seasoned guitar players can get an instrument that they can take and play anywhere. The 20 frets give you the dynamic range of a larger guitar with the parlor guitar size. There’s a lot to love about this guitar. If you’re a light strummer or forceful pounder, the GS Mini responds with ample volume. This means that parlors with extra-short necks aren’t a great option for beginners. The electronics extend the range of the instrument significantly. You won’t need to stretch to get your fingers around the thinner neck, and the shorter scale length reduces string tension and makes notes easier to fret. They tend to focus on the midrange and provide a “boxy” sound. Widely regarded as the affordable gateway into Taylor’s range of instruments, the 200 series are well-balanced guitars… . Most parlors have thin, sloped shoulders and narrower bouts. Whether you lightly strum or give it your all, you will hear a response that perfectly matches your efforts. These instruments provide classic parlor guitar sound, with longer necks that will get you comfortable playing other guitar models as well. The P-03 uses solid spruce for the top, paired with solid mahogany for the rest of the body and neck and ebony for the fingerboard. The GS Mini eliminates this line and provides us one of the best value guitars on the market that feels like much higher-end models. The midrange emphasis offered by parlor guitars is why many touring players and studio musicians consider them to be a “secret weapon” for recorded and live tracks alike. Instead of being made from laminated sapele, the Mini-E Koa is crafted using exotic veneered Hawaiian koa. Known for their playability and excellent sound, you’ll struggle to find a bad Taylor guitar. The Taylor GS Mini-E Koa, in our eyes, takes the title of best Taylor guitar. Instead of a traditional narrow body, the BT1e uses a 3/4 dreadnought shape, which adds more balance and acoustic projection. While it’s great as a travel guitar, plugging this guitar in lets you use it on stage as well as your bedroom. This parlor uses solid cedar rather than a solid spruce top, with solid wood mahogany back and sides. Most 3/4 guitars usually feature wider bodies, with a longer scale length and wider nut width. Renowned for producing some of the finest guitars on the market, Taylor guitars are played by the likes of Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz, and Taylor Swift. This model comes with a pair of upgrades to enhance the already superior GS Mini series. The end result sounds great for fingerpicking, but also holds up well to strumming, blues and country. PRS acoustics provides modern, forward-thinking designs with legendary build quality and style. with a built-in tuner to keep you sounding great at all times. The solid wood top and scalloped “X” bracing increases sustain and attack, for both strumming and fingerstyle guitar players. They’re much easier to fit in the trunk of a car, and their bright, midrange-heavy tone sounds great around a campfire or picnic. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The ivory binding, ebony fretboard and suave herringbone rosette only add to the premium feel. This makes the guitar more comfortable to play, particularly for beginners and young players. Small body guitars are great for fingerpickers in either blues, folk or even jazz styles. Your email address will not be published. Parlor guitars have a large list of fans, from the vintage parlor guitar strumming of Joan Baez to modern playing by Ed Sheeran. Their C9, one of their flagship guitars, provides its famous build quality and tonewood choice in a parlor size. It’s important to do some research on the guitar you’re planning to buy, as every guitar is slightly different. There’s a lot to love about this guitar. All opinions expressed here are the result of direct experience or extensive research. Not plugged in, they sound exactly the same as normal acoustic guitars. Build quality often lacks, with manufacturers opting for cheaper materials to further drive down the price, also having a knock-on effect on tonal quality. Some higher-end guitars are built with solid wood tops and a layered back and sides. The solid wood top and scalloped “X” bracing increases sustain and attack, for both strumming and, Top made from solid spruce makes this one of the best parlor guitars for the value, Full-length scale opens up a lot more notes to play than most other parlor guitars, Hardware and setup are mediocre — some guitar players might want to upgrade them, Plastic nut doesn’t provide great tone, particularly compared to bone or Tusq nuts, To keep your guitar sounding pristine, the Roadhouse is also equipped with a set of open-gear 16:1 brass tuners and a Graphtech Tusq nut and saddle.

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