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However, be aware that the more sriracha you add, the thinner it will be. What Is Sriracha Mayo Made Of? Does spicy mayo have sugar? Spicy mayo variations. If you want to know what this sriracha mayo recipe is made of, take a look at the list below with ingredients: Mayonnaise; Sriracha hot sauce; Fresh-squeezed lime juice or apple cider vinegar If you are also serving people who can’t take the heat, make a batch of lime mayo! That is why this spicy mayo recipe is so great because you can adjust and tweak until you get the perfect mix that you love. If you are super sensitive to spice, start with less, and if you love spice, you might want to add more sriracha. Latin-style / Mexican spicy mayo. Finally, here are a few variations you can do on the spicy mayo concept: Lime mayo. This keto spicy mayo recipe is semi-spicy. This spicy mayo dipping sauce has a negligible amount of sugar from the sriracha. Just add lime juice instead of the hot sauce: it adds all of the zingy flavor without the heat.

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