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Using technological innovations can have a hugely beneficial effect on how a business functions and how successful an organization is. Without an understanding of what technologies are available and what these technologies can do - how can they help solve your clients' business problems or find new opportunities? You may also found a way to generate new business value for yourself and your clients. And the list goes on. Knowing who you are talking to, and who you want to talk to, is the first step in marketing, design, R&D, and almost every other aspect of a successful company. As the population grew, so did the number of horses to haul people and freight. The importance of this question is not just to identify which technologies are at play, but what is their level of market readiness. Insights and customer communication One of the most important things for a business to have is insight into its customers and audience. The days of the one-stop-shop full-stack engineer who can solve all are coming to an end. Considering the alternative of using human muscles, animals, or steam engines, the attraction of combustion engines is evident. A combustion engine could not solve math problems, but it could power things. At the time, large cities had a big horse problem. Both need to create a unique product they can sell, or, if it is a standard product, find a way to trade it in large quantities in an efficient way. Most of us own one (under the hood of our car), and given the pace tech is moving at, we may not even consider it to be a "technology." I am a serial entrepreneur with expertise driving innovation in both the startup and corporate worlds with an emphasis on IoT. See how we can help automate day-to-day tasks so that you can free up time and creativity:, . Solving problems, and how it’s done with technology? Microsoft has now removed the suites from their support list and is urging customers to... Our team is always looking for ways to use tech to make your business processes more efficient and effective. Technology, we quickly learned, is a business differentiator. With over 25 years in the IT industry, CompuVision can provide you with the right plan and the right guidance to maximize your IT investments. Which business problems am I facing? Over the last 20 years, I’ve founded and launched my own companies, products and services across a number of industries including mobility, insurance, consumer, defense and manufacturing. 4. This also means that communicating with your clients can be improved and enhanced. leveraged the tech of the day to make molds and manufacture what seemed to be hand crafted pottery in a streamlined and industrial way. You may be asking what that means and how does one apply problem solving in a business context. To this end, there is a lively ongoing dialogue between business problems and technology. The future of work is remote. Solving business problems with technology has a long history, reaching back to well before the start of the Industrial Revolution. As a cloud computing services provider, we can migrate your technology to the cloud, integrate your cloud and on-premise technology into a hybrid solution, and train your people on the cloud. Today digital means IoT, AI, Decentralization, AR/VR/MR, and a host of other technologies. Go Green: Harnessing Technology to Lower Pollution. We need to understand which technologies are available. Devices, new project management tools and fast, transparent file sharing has changed the way we look at teamwork. So once again, in the words of Bob Dylan, "the times they are a changin’." CompuVision delivers full-stack IT services, enhancing our operational strengths with advanced IT strategy services, business analysis, process engineering and automation, and project management services. With them, we need to expand our knowledge and understanding of technology. ), business problems tend to revolve or define themselves around similar capabilities. Organizations who aren’t streamlining and automating their processes are missing out on far greater efficiency, and a much improved bottom line. Screens of green cascading code, Matrix-style, and the most sophisticated... As of Tuesday night, Mac users have received their final security updates for Office 2010 and 2016. We, as a company, have been speaking about solving problems for a while now. At CompuVision we are dedicated to disruptive technology, helping our customers improve the way they interact with IT and seeking out new ways to change the way they do business. The tech was ready, willing, and available. They have been and will be about differentiated products and the ability to scale. How technology leaders can help. Fast forward to today, technology is the enabler of businesses, and in many cases, tech is the business itself. This experience has provided me with a unique view regarding the pains and frictions corporates face today, how to innovate with corporates, and how to deliver winning IoT enabled businesses to the market. Hear from the creator of Canada's first tech entrepreneurship program on building #tech leaders through innovative curriculums on pg. Is this exciting? 18 at, It's not good enough to just stop breaches anymore—it's about preventing them before they even happen. Technological advances are the driving force behind the growth of remote work, whether through collaborative working and file storage in the cloud, vastly improved team communication tools, innovations in video conferencing, or even just team-building applications. Differentiation of offerings, personalization of experiences, utilization of resources, optimization of processes.., these have been, are, and will be the challenges of businesses over time and geography. Solving problems with technology can also be about preventing problems in the first place. How can it make my business better? In the case of the combustion engine example, it can convert energy to linear and radial motion. Thorough planning before implementation can minimize these issues. One of the biggest ways in which technology … While solving societal issues is neither a quick nor simple process, technology does provide a range of new ways to tackle some of the most pressing issues the world faces. You may opt-out by. Information technology includes computers, servers, peripheral devices, phone systems, internet connectivity equipment, and security software. If we were entrepreneurs in the mechanical age and we encountered a combustion engine for the first time, we should have asked ourselves the four following questions: 1. In a world of new automation and industrialization, engines could solve many business problems: The answer to the question of "how do we move people around in a clean way" is the "motor." "Solving business problems with technology" Established 1974 Continuously in business since 1983. Back in the late 1700s, the flavor of the day was delicately decorated pottery dishes. There are a vast array of business problems that can be solved with technology, and innovations in the workplace can improve the efficiency of a company enormously. Business questions started spinning around power, and mechanics, efficiencies and automation. Solving Business Problems with Information Technology - ASG Information Technologies Information technology includes products and services that can improve a company’s day-to-day operations and security. New innovations in data gathering, analytics and digital insights mean that modern businesses have an unprecedented amount of information about their current and potential customers at their fingertips. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. The amount of horse manure rose accordingly, to the point that there was a risk that cities could not afford to grow any larger, or they will be covered by a certain horse by-product. #AI #cybercrime, Suite 101, 15511 – 123 Avenue NW Edmonton, Alberta T5V 0C3, Suite 355, 3115 – 12 Street NE The three ‘R’s, Responsiveness, Repeatability and Reliability, are the cornerstones of increased efficiency through automation, and essentially give you the freedom to concentrate on more creative aspects of your business. The question was, what can you do with this technology? About Us. Business problems at a high level, have not changed. Decades separate the two, but the same problems keep them up at night. For example, cloud computing provided by Amazon AWS helps companies store and analyze data as well as host websites, and is a foundational building block for many businesses worldwide. To this end, there is a lively ongoing dialogue between business problems and technology. The answer to the question "How technology can help solve business problems" today is more complicated than in previous times. Studies show that remote staff are happier and more effective, and companies can see huge benefits in cutting overheads and expanding their talent pool as well.

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