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252. kcal. So really, maybe I should be calling it a FAUX-tato salad. The white-on-white combo gets zingy lift from briny capers, mustard and freshly grated horseradish. This “Faux Potato” salad is perfect for every season and is incredibly satisfying. 6. servings. Instead of using potatoes, I swapped the starchy vegetable for oven roasted cauliflower which has the same tender texture and flavour as boiled new potatoes. 25. minutes. 20. minutes. Servings. Roasted Cauliflower “Faux Potato” Salad Recipe by Denise Roden Course: Uncategorized. And best of all, the cauliflower florets absorb the vinaigrette adding even more flavour to every bite. Cauliflower florets are a sly substitute for half of the baby potatoes in this creamy salad. Calories. Print. Cauli-tato salad? I am really happy with how closesly this resembles a potato salad, without containing a single one. Cauliflower Potato Salad. Prep time. Plus a quick prep and cook time makes it a great dish to whip up when you’re short on time. Cooking time. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter what you call it, because after one … Or a mock potato salad. Disclaimer: No actual potatoes were harmed in the making of this cauliflower potato salad.

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