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Co-ordinate and communicate with professional staff Physicians, Nursing, Case Managers and Social Workers in order to provide appropriate care and follow up for all medical and Social needs. See our sample Mental Health Nurse Cover Letter. I've assisted patients transitioning from immediate care to full time rehabilitation including physical and occupational therapy. © 2020 Job Hero Limited. Resume objective examples for a nurse with three or more years of experience A nurse with extensive experience will want to detail this in their objective. Rehabilitation Nurses help patients who are diagnosed with sports injuries, strokes, and chronic diseases like rheumatoid arthritis to become rehabilitated. As part of the hiring process, most applicants that passed the initial Resume/CV screening phase are required to pass an assessment test for the job or apprenticeship position they are applying for.. Set up treating or testing equipment, such as oxygen tents, portable radiograph (x-ray) equipment, or overhead irrigation bottles, as directed by a physician or nurse. This is where you can sell your hospital or medical facility to job seekers and set yourself apart from competing RN listings. Offering physical, emotional and social care to patients with brain and spinal cord injuries, Coordinates educational activities and uses appropriate resources to develop and implement an individualized teaching and discharge plan with clients and their families, Define target markets, compile statistical charts and data, and maintain marketing contacts to develop referrals sources, Delivering full range of rehabilitation nursing care from admission through discharge. Personnel ensuring appropriate rehab services are rendered. Completed Admission Assessment, Biopsychosocials, and PCPC Assessments, Discharge Assessments, and Formulated Aftercare Plans, Daily Physical assessments and Administration of Medications and Documentation, Educated Staff and Clients on Various Health Topics, Formulated Interventions to Meet Clients Immediate Care Needs, Preparing and presenting weekly team conferences with interdisciplinary teams, Close work with interdisciplinary team for the best care of the patient/family from admission to discharge, Close work with Social Service staff for proper/safe discharge of patient to have successful reintegration to community, Clinical assessments for Medicare, Medicaid, Manage Care and Commercial Insured. Directed and supervised nursing care services by Rehabilitation Assistants to achieve quality outcomes for residents. I've created care plans and charted on the patient's progress then given report to incoming nurse who relieves me of duty. Record vital signs, review bladder ultrasound to detect urinary retention and monitor patient(s) behavior and physical condition for progress or deterioration. Intake coordinating of new patients into rehab. Responsible for administrative duties, including computerized billing. Maintained awareness of comfort and safety needs for 7-9 patients, Monitored CVA's, MVA's, head trauma, total knee or hip replacement surgery patients, as well as debilitated patients, Involved in ongoing teaching with the patient and their families regarding home care and additional therapy on an outpatient basis or home health, Initiated and maintained IV access, foley catheters, nasogastric tubes, administered blood, and assisted with prn medications, Promoted to the leadership role of Advanced Nurse Clinician, Acted as a preceptor for new and upcoming nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, and all types of therapists including education on new procedures and equipment, caring for bed sores, and keeping skills up to date and proficient, I've reported to the charge nurse during shifts to report any issues that arise with patients concerning their current conditions. Completed initial medical and nutritional assessment, and chemical dependency and suicide history. Performed wound care to a variety of wounds ranging from venous, arterial, diabetic, pressure ulcer and post-operative wounds and incisions. Hands on administration of all medicines, including; initiating and maintaining Intravenous lines, wound vacs and any other necessary interventions. Provided direct care to adult and elderly patients following stroke and / or spinal cord injuries. Developed education programs for cardiac rehab outpatients, which included exercise and nutritional guidelines. All rights reserved. Provided care for patients that required inpatient subacute rehabilitation for Traumatic brain, Spinal cord and Ortho injury. Perform Clinical assessments of patients by using CMS-13 guidelines for admission to Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation. Assist with insurance authorizations for approval to facility. This evaluation process is technical and robotic. They are collaborators, educators, care coordinators, advocates, and change agents. Assessed/ recorded patient temperature, pulse rate, respiration and blood pressure. Committed to caring for patients suffering from extreme physical and/or mental traumas. ● Provided physiological and psychosocial care to patients as per doctor’s instructions● Taught patients how to use wheelchairs prosthetic limbs and similar medical devices● Alerted physicians of any issues with assigned therapies and made adjustments● Coordinated with medical staff to develop customized rehab plans for each patient● Supervised and trained support staff assisting with therapy sessions● Provided information to family members on how to provide necessary support● Transferred patients from beds to wheelchairs for therapy sessions● Prepared daily assessments of patient abilities and noted progress● Assisted recovering patients with their daily activities● Implemented physician-directed therapy techniques. Clean work area and equipment after each treatment. Evaluating and providing a comprehensive plan of care for patients in the rehabilitation setting. Assisted residents with personal needs including dressing, grooming, bathing, toileting/incontinence care, laundry, transferring and meal escorts. Observing and documenting the medical and mental status of patients, and reporting on findings, Supporting a diverse range of patients with behavioral, mental, psychiatric and substance abuse issues, and assisting them in their rehabilitation, Performing emergency on-site treatment for seizures and suicidal patients, and triaging patients and interventions by in person and over the telephone, Effectively managing a busy and increasing workload using excellent time management and prioritizing skills, Supervising Nursing Assistants, and instructing them in medication administration, skin integrity and competencies, Administering EKGs, performing venipuncture's, immunizations and PPDs and assisting with biopsies and pap smears, Performs hands-on nursing care by utilizing the nursing process to achieve quality outcomes for clients, Coordinates nursing care activities in collaboration with other members of the interdisciplinary rehabilitation team to facilitate achievement of overall goals. Performed stress testing, nuclear stress testing, and Dobutamine stress, Performed transesophageal echocardiograms in Intensive Care Unit, Formulation of care plans using holistic approach intergrating all co-morbidities identified, Instructing and evaluating patient and families on interventions identified within careplans, Collaborating with team members such as physical therapist social worker and attending MD to prepare patients' and their families for discharge to the next continuum including home, Conducts family and patient education and make rounds with physicians when necessary, Manage medications and treatments in timely manner, Charts progress notes in an informative, factual manner that reflects the care given as well as the patient response to care, Work with interdisciplinary team to manage patient care, Orders and interprets diagnostic tests timely and participates in care planning with team and routine intervention. Maintain good rapport and open lines of communication with patients, families, and other staff members. 2) Planning the nurse roster. Performed skilled nursing procedures and directed resident cares. Provided high quality nursing care in both Skilled and Rehabilitation units. Marketed facility services to healthcare providers, patients and families. Observed residents for changes in behavior and habits and reported said changes to appropriate staff members for additional assessment and follow-up. Assessed medical and psychological problems and reported significant findings to the physician and appropriate counselor.

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