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Learn more. Affordable and ... By clicking Sign Up you agree to receive marketing emails from PUBLIC GOODS. If using liquid witch hazel, apply to a cloth or … Our witch hazel is an alcohol-free, natural astringent, safe for your entire body. good for people and the planet. 10 of 10. Simple, minimalist packaging designed to look beautiful in your space, rather than stand out on a drug store shelf. While not a skincare use, witch hazel's cleansing properties can also be used to clean other … Beautiful and simple. Learn more. Try adding Public Goods' Witch Hazel ($7) into your regular routine. Share. Add to Favorites. Shop. Hair is left visibly stronger and cleaner with … Witch hazel extracts contain antioxidant compounds that may protect against sunburn and aging from the sun. But the evidence is thin on its use for other conditions. Like. Known for relieving inflammation and soothing the skin, witch hazel … Add to. Our gentle shampoo is powered by a blend of essential oils to nourish and cleanse your hair, rather than harsh detergents and chemicals that will strip and erode it. Public Goods Witch Hazel $ 5. Witch hazel comes in liquid form and as medicated pads and wipes that can be used to relieve the pain and itching of external hemorrhoids. Clean Surfaces .

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