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3:37. Door opening is 16.2" wide - Great for a 12" or 14" wide peel. I actually thought that the $225.00 was pretty reasonable when compared with the price of comparable pizza-making devices such ast the Pizza-porta, Ooni (Uuni), etc. Also seems to fall in line with the Joe-tisserie price point. Stainless steel hardware. The heat is contained in the dome, heating up the ceramic to increase radiant energy that is now focused on the top of the pizza. A unique destination for weddings, private events, and nightlife, located one block from the beach at 911 Kingsley Street, As At we believe in providing you links to reviews and product discussions from other quality sites. 1:15. Reviews of the Kamado Joe DoJoe. or am i doing something wrong?? Kamado Joe Pizza DoJoe SetUp and Dough Recipes - Duration: 3:37. hesitating on ooni pro vs 3...(i am doing pizza every week but 14’vs12’ ....ummmh??) Some assembly required. not really a choice i have the dojoe is damn poor at fuel consumption to reach +-700f for napolitean pizza . Back To Top . You can stop losing your heat. "Pizza-Porta" heat shield is aluminum. Cooking pizza you generally want about a 500 degree dome temp, so you can imagine how hot this metal gets. With an Excellent rating from The New York Times, Porta Asbury Park serves some of the best pizza in America, as well as seasonal brunch, lunch, dinner, and late night menus. Link to post Share on other sites. This simple change completely alters the cooking process. My … Kamado Joe - DoJoe - Duration: 1:15. thebarbecuestore 1,437 views. No, the DoJoe doesn’t have a door like the Pizza Porta but the DoJoe wedge design is different and supposedly doesn’t require a door – much like a typical wood fired pizza oven also doesn’t have a door. just feeling stupid to invest (again) in a pizza system while having the accessory in my kamado big joe. Oak Handle. I followed the KJ YouTube video for the DoJoe and cooked at about 675 for about 8 minutes. Locking door latches for easy handling. No alteration to the KJ required - simply place the Pizza-Porta and lower and latch the lid. Love it! Pizza Articles. 16" wide door opening. ooni vs dojoe...choice of the year. Setup & Videos & Help. By capping off the chimney and controlling the airflow with side vents you don't lose your heat each time you check a pizza. Tommy Campbell 4,605 views. Got the DoJoe a few weeks ago and have made pizza 3 times. Quote; Share this post . So only use the wood handle to open and close the front door. 1 year ago. Pizza-Porta Convert your Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, or other ceramic grill to a true pizza oven. The Pizza-Porta allows the top vent/cap to be closed off while cooking.

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