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The last step is to have each student come to the piano and play what they colored in. The piano student will be given four lines worth of measures. Then give each student a dry erase marker. Here you’ll find tons of free printable worksheets and piano teaching games. The object of the game is simple; correctly identify the musical notes on each flashcard. At the end of the exercise let them read their stories to the class while you play. Each student is asked to come up and pick out 5 of those flashcards, and then it’s their job to create an amazing rhythm from that. The interesting twist I add to this game is a rhythm exchange. This exercise is great for getting a student’s eyes off the page and into the keys. Cookie decorating is a fun ear training game to help students with beginner melodic dictation. The first option is to roll the dice and then have the students read through a sheet of music finding all the different instances where that musical note is located. If you’re looking for a versatile piano game for beginners, this is one that I highly recommend. To keep it simple for beginners, I like to keep them no longer than 6 notes each and try to stay away from sharps and flats. Click here to learn how to properly structure your piano studio. After 10 minutes or so everyone will clap each other’s rhythms and then vote at the end for their favorite rhythm. I actually got this game idea from some of the piano lesson books I use with my beginners. Click here for this free piano lesson game. Like many of the other games here, this can be done with points, colors, flashcards, or even on the whiteboard. The goal of the activity is to get faster and beat their previous weeks time. To make this competitive, set up a points system and split your group students into teams. This is just a fun game to mix up group lessons, but it’s also an opportunity to expose your students to new repertoire. When students know that they will need to give an accounting of their practice efforts at home, they are much more likely to put in the time. This is a cool exercise because it comes across as a narrated musical play! Now ask them to play the scale backward. Here are a few of my favorites, and you can visit the worksheets page to see the complete collection of over 50 fun piano teaching worksheets. While many of these games are geared toward elementary level students, each can be adjusted for older kids. Whichever keyboard you use, make sure that it uses hammer action or weighted keys to better simulate what an acoustic piano can do. For more ideas on growing your studio, visit the Piano Studio Business page. I like to use empty orange juice containers as my bowling pins. Next select two colors for the students to use. If they select the wrong pattern they are given one more chance to figure it out and will get two points. A Frankenstem is a stem that is on the wrong side of the note or going in the wrong direction. Print out a copy for each student, and then give them pretzel sticks and ask them to add the missing bar lines with the pretzels. If student answered correctly, they get to eat the treat! No list of piano teaching resources would be complete without ideas for the holidays. For rests, students simply hold the cup up without tapping or dropping it down. Click here to learn more about Piano Ninja. Download Piano Lesson Games For Beginners PC for free at BrowserCam. When you hear a professional pianist play a Beethoven Sonata, and then hear another pianist play it, you may notice just how different their interpretations are. At the same time, there should be some emphasis on the performance aspects of scales, not just the technical part. Piano lesson games are a great teaching tool for beginners because it keeps them engaged in the lesson while also teaching important concepts. Choose a starting pitch that your students will recognize within the grand staff. We call it the Sticker Quest game. Click here to read the article “How to Get Kids to Practice Piano.”. The first two are printed for them, and they need to listen and fill in the missing third note. This is a simple game that I use at the very first piano lesson to help introduce students to music. If they clap the rhythm correctly they’ll be given two points. The third note will either repeat the second note, or go up or down by a step. Among the most essential piano teacher resources is a good piano practice incentive program. Start off with something rather short; maybe 16 measures long. Each week add their time to the top of their assignment sheet or their notebook and keep track. The best kind of music to use would probably be from the standard repertoire, but it’s okay to play pieces from piano method books too. I'm a professional concert pianist and piano instructor. Pin the title image that’s on the right These kid-friendly, colorful piano theory worksheets will help make teaching piano theory fun. Sign up for my email newsletter and get 2 free group lesson games that your students will love. After looking over their pins, have that group clap their rhythm. This game teaches the concepts of intervals and finger independence if used correctly. Check out this video for an example of how this game can work for your piano students. The next game you can play with the dice is to roll it twice and then have the students identify what the interval is between the two notes they ended up on. This is a great piano game that focuses on ear training. For more ear training resources, click here.

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