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Why Is Patient Education Important? 2. Assign priority to the nursing diagnoses that relate to the individual’s learning needs. Assign priority to the nursing diagnoses that relate to the individual’s learning needs. Include diagnoses, goals, teaching strategies, and expected outcomes. Establish expected outcomes. That’s why we’ve compiled both Information for Clinicians to help you ensure you are using the correct patient education techniques, and Tools for Patients to provide you with reliable materials for educating your patients about disorders and their treatments. Write down the key points. 4. Health educators (in particular nurses) must understand that greater than 50% of Americans are health care illiterate. Our ultimate goal is to help address the nursing shortage by inspiring aspiring nurses that a career in nursing is an excellent choice, guiding students to become RNs, and for the working nurse – helping them achieve success in their careers! Written in an approachable and easy-to-understand manner, these materials present the facts without being overly clinical. Specify the immediate, intermediate, and long-term learning goals established by teacher and learner together. 3. Use language the person can understand. Record the learner’s responses to the teaching actions. Put the information to be taught in logical sequence. Health education is an essential tool for a nurse to effectively channel the patient’s role for his health management. 1. PATIENT EDUCATION MATERIALS Patient education is an integral part of our job as nurses and nurse practitioners. © 2020 Nurseslabs | Ut in Omnibus Glorificetur Deus! As Fran London, a nurse, patient-education expert, and author, noted, “Teaching patients isn't rocket science, but it is a sophisticated skill that takes practice and commitment. Formulate the nursing diagnoses that relate to the person’s learning needs. Encourage the person to participate actively in learning. 1. 4. How to Start an IV? It could be concluded that in most cases patient education occurs giving information, which is not the most effective method of education. 5. It's essential that patients understand why this is important. Establish expected outcomes. Since we started in 2010, Nurseslabs has become one of the most trusted nursing sites helping thousands of aspiring nurses achieve their goals. Specify the immediate, intermediate, and long-term learning goals established by teacher and learner together. Nursing is not just about dispensing medication or administering treatments. Develop the written teaching plan. Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation for NCLEX (40 Questions), Arterial Blood Gas Analysis Made Easy with Tic-Tac-Toe Method, Select All That Apply NCLEX Practice Questions and Tips (100 Items), IV Flow Rate Calculation NCLEX Reviewer & Practice Questions (60 Items), EKG Interpretation & Heart Arrhythmias Cheat Sheet. Determine the extent to which the goals were achieved. Keep the plan current and flexible to meet the person’s changing learning needs. Patient education is a significant part of a nurse's job. Include the person, family or significant others, nursing team members, and other health care team members in the evaluation. 5. 4. is an education and nursing lifestyle website geared towards helping student nurses and registered nurses with knowledge for the progression and empowerment of their nursing careers. 3. Identify teaching strategies appropriate for goal attainment. Patient Positioning: Complete Guide for Nurses, Registered Nurse Career Guide: How to Become a Registered Nurse (RN), NCLEX Questions Nursing Test Bank and Review, Nursing Care Plans (NCP): Ultimate Guide and Database, Nursing Diagnosis Guide: All You Need to Know to Master Diagnosing. Organize, analyze, synthesize, and summarize the collected data. 1. 2. 3. State nursing diagnoses concisely and precisely. Develop the written teaching plan. Patient education needs to be comprehensive and easily understood. 6. Make referrals to appropriate sources or agencies for reinforcement of learning after discharge. Identify teaching strategies appropriate for goal attainment. Involve the learner, family or significant others, nursing team members, and other health care team members in all aspects of planning. Therapeutic Communication Techniques Quiz, Nurseslabs – NCLEX Practice Questions, Nursing Study Guides, and Care Plans, Guide to Patient Education: A Nursing Process. 6. 3. Select appropriate tea… Patient Education – Tools for Patients Use the patient education tools below to keep your patients informed about their health and disease prevention and management. Is the person able to learn these behaviors? 7. It is evident from the small amount of the marked answers that in the process of patient education discussion takes place - 24, 3% (Mean - 0.2… 2. Ask questions to determine whether the person understands. 2. Use appropriate teaching aids and provide Internet resources if appropriate. Without patient education, there's very little effective healthcare with improved long-term outcomes” (Fran London, MS, RN, e-mail communication, June 12, 2009).

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