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Whatever Happened to the IBM “Stretch” Computer? The focus does not tell anything as the cup is in focus and it is closer than the action. Whatever Happened to Compact Disc Interactive (aka CDi)? 1)there are consistent shadows from the putter, bird, and squirrel. ), is more a matter of having a suitable territory in your yard, rather than coaxing and tempting him with foods. Q: We have one birdfeeder in our backyard. If the low end video cameras are anything like the low end digital still cameras, this seems possible to me. Cats chase squirrels all the time. 7—Every spring around here we have baby squirrels and baby jays falling out of trees all over the place. No video camera can grab that sort of detail at that speed, with that depth of field…. You could also discover what shutter speed you would need to “freeze” the action so nicely. Really… It’s all Adobe Premiere or something like it…. And Jerk-Face, I thought that was a pretty interesting chance shot. Have you ever been in an accident where right before the big bang you can see everything happening in slow motion until the moment of impact when all of a sudden everything rushes up again and time is back to normal? Einstein showed that time is not absolute, it is relative. However, a camera focused moderately far away (on the golfer) would not be able to focus sharply on the fight in the foreground, especially at the speed the fight progressed across the screen. I don’t get it. There is a correlation true, but there is a much bigger latitude. Sort of a, “What the hell was that?” look. Wonder why there aren’t bird species with a good set of teeth? I assume that the reason the videographer even noticed that they were in the frames was because they probably saw this happen on a much wider scale than the camera caught. It’s Mockingbird, not Mocking Bird, otherwise the message is distorted. Perspective: If you can estimate the total “width” of the area the fight occurred, you could use that information to determine if the animals were appropriately sized. As for this video, quite cool. Cats chase squirrels all the time. Watch it. Always surprised at how much lice they carry. We take care of our share. After a quick review, it is either real or a pretty good fake. Bird species still outnumber mammal species by a factor of 2. Its the obvious that escapes us at times. –won’t leave you alone for a second. The Real Story Here. Really was kind of a cute critter and seemed to bond with us as well, including our dog. Any chance you’ve run across a mockingbird deterrent? 5)I am surprised the golfer didn’t see the motion, even peripherally. Even if it’s real, it’s not very interesting. Attracting a mockingbird (no, you can’t have more than one, unless it’s family! Since we’re talking about feeders, you may consider getting a bird feeder like the Duncraft Squirrel-Proof Selective, which has 1-1/2 inch wire caging that larger birds, like grackles and starlings, can’t enter. However, I can say that the characteristics of some of the little digital cameras are such that they could get images like that. And Jerk-Face, I thought that was a pretty interesting chance shot. That aside, there are a couple of other reasons why something about this video is fishy. The sensors are so small that even a relatively wide aperture setting becomes a lot like a pinhole camera and gets tons of depth of field. Browse and purchase gardening books by Walter Reeves, plus select titles by other authors. Whatever Happened to the Texas Instruments Home Computer. Quiz of the Week Answer…Goebbels, Kind of. So it was real?! For the first time in many years, a mockingbird has found us and is chasing away all our other birds. I was actually hoping it was faked, at least it would have been technologically interesting. I should add, if there was as much movement as indicated by the “frame by frame” analysis, there would definitely be motion blurring. Shutter Speed: Standard video (read, consumer) is generally shot at 30 frames per second, max. !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src="//";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); Subscribe to Main Blog feed here: I’m with Bobbo. Tweets by @THErealDVORAK And on a slightly relevant note about birds attacking squirrels… When I was a youngster, my family rescued a squirrel in our backyard as several crows were attacking it. They are very territorial and will frantically defend their space against all invaders – cats, Cooper hawks, bluejays, etc.My guess is that a mockingbird has declared the area around your feeder to be “his” territory. I’ve also heard of athletes who can slow down time while they’re playing tennis for instance so that they can actually hit the speeding ball. Its against the law here in California to keep a wild animal, supposed to turn them over to animal services. Can’t the mind slow time down also? 5. It is much faster then that and probably in the area of 1/500. Restaurant Figueira Rubaiyat — Sao Paulo, Brasil. I’m sure one could estimate the distance the “fight” traveled, the time it took, and figure out an approximate velocity. 3)the aperture / shutter speed relationship found with film cameras is not directly comparable to digital, especially video. It’s a kind of “life flashing before my eyes” experience. However the shadows on the grass are inconsistent and point to it being fake. ((Actually, thanks.)). But as I’ve said before, “You can’t please everybody.”. Obviously, this golfer either needs to give up a very silly game or spend a lot more time working on his putz putts. I would guess 1/250th minimum, if not 1/500th. Hi Tech Christmas Gift Ideas from Dvorak Uncensored, IBM and the Seven Dwarfs — Dwarf Five: GE, IBM and the Seven Dwarfs — Dwarf Four: Honeywell, IBM and the Seven Dwarfs — Dwarf One: Burroughs, IBM and the Seven Dwarfs — Dwarf Seven: NCR, IBM and the Seven Dwarfs — Dwarf Six: RCA, IBM and the Seven Dwarfs — Dwarf Three: Control-Data, IBM and the Seven Dwarfs — Dwarf Two: Sperry-Rand. Imagine even an 8 inch tall Mocking Bird with teeth! The squirrel had no use of its hind legs and we kept it as a “pet” for about three years until it finally died. Digital video cameras have a huge depth of field especially when compared with film video. I’m not an expert on video, by any stretch of the imagination. There should be some motion blurring of the detail…. Darwin obviously was a fraud. Where is the diversity into every niche? That doesn’t mean it’s not fake. I saw my cat chase a bird today, but it certainly wasn’t interesting enough to document for all the world to see. Yes, I agree. You’re starting to live up to your name. RazEdge Ent Your Ultimate Advertisement Resource Service. A two putt from that distance is not lucky. You are wong. Notice that the golfer does look to the left as he approaches the camera. #16: If this isn’t a fake, that guy has the slowest reflexes in the world. Wow…did that bird just grab that squirrel’s balls? Any chance you’ve run across a mockingbird deterrent? Mock me naught. A: Mockingbirds are well-known backyard bullies. A: Mockingbirds are well-known backyard bullies. if it’s faked it’s not at all funny. “I thought that was a pretty interesting chance shot.”. Subscribe to Comments too (below): Bad Behavior has blocked 5809 access attempts in the last 7 days. I’ve got to start carrying my camera with me, maybe I can get a shot of a bird shitting on a dog or something. I’ll wager it’s much higher than 1/30th second. The mockingbird will use his patches in territorial displays to intimidate other birds, and then instantly turn into a charmer, flashing those lovely whites at a prospective mate. 2)There is motion blurring on both the bird and squirrel. Mockingbird Attacks Squirrel ― Lucky Shot, All Dvorak Uncensored special posting Logos, An Audit by Another Name: An Insiders Look at Microsoft’s SAM Engagement Program, Apple Press Photos Collection circa 1976-1985, Archives of Special Reports, Essays and Older Material, Best of the Videos on Dvorak Uncensored — August 2005, Best Videos of Dvorak Uncensored Dec. 2006, Best Videos of Dvorak Uncensored July 2007, Best Videos of Dvorak Uncensored Nov. 2006, Best Videos of Dvorak Uncensored Oct. 2006, Best Videos of Dvorak Uncensored Sept. 2006, Consolidated List of Video Posting services, Develping a Grading System for Digital Cameras. bobbo, birds are dinosaurs. Anyhoo, that mocking bird reminds me of “dinosaurs”–not the slow moving dull witted lizards of lore, but active, intelligent, quick agile preditors a la the most recent Triassic Park Films.

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