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Here is easy, fast and quick Tricks and Shortcut methods of Reasoning. For this arrangement, first we shall consider the first letter of each word. Reasoning Test can lead you towards a good score in exams. Step IV: In the words ‘Long’ and … Reasoning and General Intelligence – Logical Sequence of Words. Tips to pass a Logical Reasoning Test Logical reasoning tests usually consist of sets of figures, numbers, words or diagrams that follow a given sequence along with … 100% free online tutorial for your competitive exam preparation. Ex 6: Arrange the following words in a logical sequence. 3). DIRECTIONS for the question 1 to 5: In each of the following questions, arrange the given words in a meaningful sequence and then choose the most appropriate sequence from amongst the alternatives provided below each question ; Number sequence assessment offers mathematical sequences that adhere to a logical rule based on simple arithmetic. The least costly is sand after which comes the cost of iron, followed by gold, diamond and the costliest among all is platinum. At Verbal Reasoning topic Logical Sequence of Words page No: 1 you will find list of 10 practice questions, tips/trick and shortcut to solve questions, solved questions, quiz, and download option to download the whole question along with solution as pdf format for offline practice. Arranging words in alphabetical order implies ‘to arrange them in the order as they appear in a dictionary’. These questions are to test the knowledge and skill of a candidate. 2). ∴ Option (3) will be our answer. Thus we came to our required answer that the word ‘Lust’ or option (c) will definitely come last in the dictionary. Blood relations is all about the various relations exists in a family. There should be a minimum of four words to … This can be done by looking for the words that are repeated often in the given sentences. Some of the relations are listed below: 30 Easy and Fast Shortcut Reasoning Tricks for every Competitive exams. But if we want to know the 2nd and 3rd word also then we can move on to the next step. SEQUENCE OF WORDS: In this particular type of problems, certain inter-related words are given and numbered, followed by various sequences of the numbers denoting them, as alternatives. Logical sequence of words as the name implies is that type of reasoning which consists of words and we have to find out a sequence which is logical in that context. So, they can be arranged in a logical order as 3 2154. All the given words represent substances which can be arranged in the increasing order of their cost. Arrange the words in the order in which these letters comes in the English alphabets. Normally, in these questions, the words are mentioned in serial numbers 1, 2, 3 etc. If a particular word is repeated in more than one sentence then the sentences can be placed one by one in the paragraph.

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