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/* India Celebrating_300*250_New */ It would be blissful living in such a place. I would live at different places on the planet to experience the variation in climate. If you need assistance with writing your essay, our professional essay writing service is here to help! This paper will inform you about the physical characteristics of Mars, the exploration of Mars, the moons of Mars, and the possibility of life existing on Mars. The author of the passage argues that there is life on Mars while the lecturer opposes the author's opinion. Hence there has been most research on the chances of discovery of life on this planet. The great thing about this idea is that it opens up a whole new field of inquiry and a search for solutions to very specific and one could say planetary problems. My Kaleidoscope … My trip to Mars is very much on my bucket list. We would be able to explore a whole new world and meet people who are completely different from us or may be have some similarities. Mars is a planet which has the closest of similarities with the planet earth. It would be a proud moment for me, my family as well as the entire nation. william franklin; chris gipson; keith james; andy mcgee; editors. editors. By continuing we’ll assume you’re on board with our cookie policy. Up to date, evidence of life on Mars has not been established. However, life on Mars has not been determined to be completely impossible because a larger scope of research has not been done. So notwithstanding searching for living microscopic organisms, space agencies will look for small fossils that may show life did begin on Mars at some of the time may be hundreds or thousands of years ago. Essay on Life on Mars: Finding, Future and Conclusion – Essay 6 (600 Words) Life on Mars has been an idea in people’s minds since we discovered how the planet looks. The first journey to Mars began in 1962with the launching of a spacecraft. But there are others who wholeheartedly believe that life on Mars is possible and, some argue, there was life on this planet before. I would like to experience and understand how life on Mars would actually be and that can only happen if I stay there for long. Making Mars A Better Place Essay. I wish we soon find out that Mars supports life and we can inhabit it. Researchers claim that Mars is quite like our planet Earth when it comes to its atmosphere although it gets much colder. Compared to the other ones in our solar system Mars is a planet that is most similar to our homeland. The other big problem with life on Mars is the lack of an ozone layer and therefore of air. The same mistake should not be done in case of life on Mars. The latest update was given by the rover that three kinds of microbial organisms were found when the land sample was being examined by them. Example #1 of Essay on Life on Mars. You can select any Life on Mars essay as per your interest and need and present during your class assignment, debate competition, speech, essay writing etc. Many spacecrafts have been sent on Mars in an attempt to understand whether life exists on this planet or is there any scope of inhabiting this planet in future. It was first released as a single in the 22th of June, 1971, and was later featured in his album Hunky Dory. Even if, there is no life on Mars until now, scientists strongly hope for the possibility of it. However, I would certainly not rush to the planet as soon as it is declared habitable. Short Essay on Life on Mars – Essay 1 (200 words) The existence of life on Mars has been a subject of study since more than a century. The planet mars is popularly called the red planet because of the abundance of iron oxide that is reddish in colour on the surface of the planet and this gives the planet a very reddish and distinctive appearance that separates it from the other planets and can be seen clearly; it is probably the most studied planet in our solar system. He was accompanied by other astronomers who too stepped on this astronomical body however no one remembers them. 500 Words Essay on Life on Mars. skip to content. Life on mars has been made to appear impossible but there are some survival strategies with limited functions of reproduction, ability to thrive and evolution of living organisms. Studies, experiments and missions to Mars: There have been studies, missions and experiments that have been done to determine life on Mars. Research shows that surface liquid water was present on Mars during the ancient Noachian period. Without an attractive field on Mars and with a whole lot less air than on Earth, more unsafe space radiation reaches its surface, making the possibility of life thin. Instead of finding more technological advancements that eventually destroys the life on Mars, we should focus on more sustainable ways to exist in the new environment. You can select any Life on Mars essay as per your interest and need and present during your class assignment, debate competition, speech, essay writing etc. In conclusion, no matter how similar mars is to earth, the possibility of human life sustenance is limited. However, the cameras did not show any signs of life on the planet. The continuous study of the planet mars has indicated that there is the probability that life exists on the planet and it can support life. Many astronautic devices, space crafts, rovers, etc., are used to check whether any evidence or sign of life on Mars can be found to prove the theory. The space is full of so many puzzling stories and it is imperative to pay heed to the specifics. in almost a similar way to Earth. Essay on Water on Mars 1735 Words | 7 Pages. Hence, it would be difficult for humans to breathe on Mars without a spacesuit filled with oxygen. Scientists have been trying to conduct research on Mars by way of telescopes, spacecrafts and rovers that are helpful in collecting evidences about the condition and nature of this planet. I would like to explore the kind of minerals available there and also collect some to bring back home in order to conduct further research on them. One of these landers worked there for almost 4 years and the other kept orbiting it for over 6 years. It is popularly referred to as the red planet. Thereafter, Viking orbiters continued to look for evidence of life. Mars is also known as the Red Planet and is right next to earth in the solar system. Numerous researches have already taken place in this regard and many others are going on. Because of the extremely low and little atmospheric pressure of mars, the existence of liquid water is impossible on mar’s surface. Mars is the fourth planet from the sun in our solar system. How many of us will shift to this uninhabited planet and start our life there, how our relatives and friends living on Earth will plan trips to visit Mars, how would life on Mars actually be – will it be like that on Earth or different from it? Scientists and researchers recently sent a curiosity rover to the mars that has greatly helped in the exploration of the planet a lot further. The environment of Mars is similar to that of earth in more than one way and this has been a reason for scientific explorations looking for signs of life on the planet. I want this planet to stay as pure as our Earth was during the beginning of the times. The apparent magnitude of the planet mars reaches about -2.94 and is only exceeded by the apparent magnitudes of the sun, the moon, Venus and Jupiter. I really wish, the researchers soon find some aliens on Mars and are able to bring them to Earth for research. This has resulted in the planet’s land becoming barren. I would wait for it to develop for a few years before I plan my visit. I wish we do not do the same with the planet which is yet in its pure form. In the early ’70s, for the first time, mechanical objects were sent on an explorative mission to check for life on Mars. One can argue that life on Mars is just a part of our imagination and something that will never be achieved, a hypothetical idea far from realization. Mars has some similarities to the earth where we human beings live. Life on Mars is impossible without water to sustain the growth of plant life that we need to feed ourselves.

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