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© Copyright 2009-2019 GKToday | All Rights Reserved, integrate crop production with livestock management, Important Days & Events in Current Affairs. Advantages 4. sericulture). 900 smallholder households will benefit directly from the project activities (45 mixed groups preferably women and marginalized subsistence farmers) and 600 young unemployed people (in 30 groups of about 20 members). The development of agriculture is our utmost priority which found its true value in the year 2002 when the agriculture (and not industry) was declared as the engine of growth of the country. In a hectare of fish pond 500 to 600 birds and on an average of 60 kg manure is required per day. An example of integrated farming could be fish and livestock cultivation along with general farming practices which support each other. However, despite having many advantages of integrated farming, it is so far not yet popular as expected and hence the farmers are not able to reap its benefits. It has been developed through dialogue between the leadership of the church at Diocese level and the leadership of the parish and by involving representatives of the organizations of the church in the parish. As a result, fish farming creates a great income and employment source for the people. An Indian example of Integrated farming can best be understood by the fact that once a degraded land in Jodhpur, Rajasthan having very less crop production (and income) with the use of integrated farming practices such as plantation of improved qualities of Ber along with intercropping, honey been keeping and a goat unit turned into a major revenue generator along with improving the quality of soil and decreased expenditure on fertilizer and pesticides, produced good quality fruits using organic farming which has high demand overseas. Integrated fish farming systems refer to the production, integrated management and comprehensive use of aquaculture, agriculture and livestock, with an emphasis on aquaculture. by Huazhu Yang, Yingxue Fang and Zhonglin Chen. This way integrated farming has multicultural approach which is environment friendly and sustainably provide the economic means to prosper. The lesser resources – Around 80 percent of the farmers do not have lands more than 5 acres. Integrated farming calls for skill in different types of activity such as raising pigs and poultry, crop and vegetable farming, growing grass and aquatic plants and farming of fish. Integrated farming is an another approach or farming practice which originally devised in China and now being supported world wide as a all round development of agriculture along with animal husbandry and other such occupation which is related to core agricultural practices. Also, the lack of capital acts as an impediment in buying the expensive livestock and its maintenance. The fishes can be fed with the residuary materials of farms such as leaves, stalks or other waste products. You can raise either broiler or layer bird in integrated farming. Integrated grass-fish farming systems in China. The National Agricultural Policy, 2000 also suitable emphasizes the need to improve integrated farming along with other agricultural practices to make the country food sufficient and tame the increasing food inflation. Introduction. Sheep and fish integrated Farming: The integrated farming is one such approach which has the potential to turn the contribution of agriculture and allied activities in the country’s GDP which as of now is only 18 percent (feeding the total population of 58 percent). The fishes can be fed with the residuary materials of farms such as leaves, stalks or other waste products. Funding Agencies: BMZ 75% and WV Germany 25%, National Lead Organization: World Vision Kenya, Geographical Reach: Lambwe, Magung, and Pala Area Programmes, Duration: 4 Years (August 2016 – April 2020), Target Beneficiaries: Women, unemployed youth, and marginalized subsistence farmers. An example of integrated farming could be fish and livestock cultivation along with general farming practices which support each other. Integrated Fish Farming and Horticulture Project (IFFHP), Across the globe, World Vision teams are working to limit the spread of COVID-19 and reduce its impact on children, Project preparation, capacity building to conduct integrated fish farming, Design and establishment of three fish hatcheries, Sustainable use of local natural resources promoted (water, soil and land use), Promoting environmentally integrated vegetable growing. Integrated fish farming provides the option for getting extra income along with main crop (rice). Integrated Farming means to integrate crop production with livestock management which in a way complement each other with a nice symbiotic relationship which at the time is economically viable and profitable, environmentally suitable, and benefit giver of diversification of production. Types of Integrated Fish Farming 3. Basic Principles of Integrated Fish Farming: Integrated fish farming is based on the concept that ‘there is no waste’, and waste is only a misplaced resource which can become a valuable material for another product (FAO, 1977).

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