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Let’s take an example with the word ‘DIGIT’. Start practicing by using these methods and tricks to boost up the score in reasoning section. Premlata went 8 km in the east from her home & then she turned to the left & went 6 km. Introduction: coding decoding reasoning. You know C’s next letter in alphabets is D. This was how CODING was converted to DPEJOH. Four Simple Steps to Solve Coding Decoding Problems - Verbal Reasoning- NTA-NET (Based on NTA-UGC) Paper-I: Verbal Reasoning-Coding & Decoding. Drop your queries in comments’ box. You can use for finding codes for every word in the messages or sentences. 2. Rate Us. You can learn here easily how to solve coding and decoding problems with solutions for ssc and bank exams.- Page 21 "Life extra wonderful now" is coded as "4@I 5#E 9=O 3%O", "Music is natural medicine" is coded as "5#U 2^I 7&A 8*E", "Eating vegetable makes healthy" is coded as "6$E 9=E 5#A 7&E", "Health and Money balance" is coded as "6$E 3%A 5#O 7&A". In this section, object names are substituted with different object names. To solve this problem, just see all the statements carefully to see the common codes and words. In this type of Coding and Decoding Questions, the given alphabets in a word are replaced by the other alphabets as per some specific rules or pattern of question. If the sky is called sea, sea is called water, water is called air, air is called cloud and cloud is called river, then what do we drink when thirsty? Use these below-given shortcuts to solve questions within minimum time. Below is the perfect example to solve Letter Coding Decoding Problems. Related: HOME . Now, you have to follow the same pattern to decode the word ‘IFWJBP’. If that doesn’t work, try another one. In statements (a) and (d), the common code word is ‘joc’ and the common word is ‘very’. If you see in the first and third statement, the common code is ‘na’ and the common word is ‘are’. In this type, the questions are based on some certain object names like birds, furniture etc. If you see, both the given words ‘LIMCA’ and ‘HJLDZ’ are following the same pattern. Views:47860. You will be asked to separate out the code for a particular word from the given messages. Coding is a way to transfer a message from one person to another without knowing it by the third person. Below in this blog, we have shared some useful Coding Decoding tricks and tips that you can use to solve all type of questions asked in the exam. We are here providing you some Important Concepts & Short Tricks on Coding - Decoding Questions in Reasoning which are usually asked in Bank Exams. 1. So, the process of decoding the coded data by using the key that is present either within the question or within the options. If there is any doubt or query regarding the tricks, feel free to ask. Get Free Study Materials and Previous Year Question Papers. The symbol in the given code is based upon the table given below. The student is required to apply the same logic, as was applied in the given words. To solve this type of Coding Decoding problem, you have to analyse the common codes in different messages. Deductive reasoning drives in the same direction of the conditions, and relations located with the conclusions. So DECODING should be converted to EFDPEJOH. How to Solve Coding Deductive Questions & Definition. Almost every test of reasoning contains questions on coding. Hence the code for the given word “Balanced Diet” will be 8*A4@I. Fill the appropriate letter/number/word in the blank given. For example in SSC, the level of questions in easy to medium while in IBPS exams, the level of questions is difficult. The word Balanced in the given statements represents the number of letters in the word. So, the colour of human blood is ‘yellow’. If COME is coded as BNLD, then CARE will be coded as: A. BBQD. In this blog, I will provide you straightforward and direct methods and steps on how to approach these types of problems and solve them rapidly. Now, since you have understood the Concepts and Shortcuts for Coding-Decoding, Click Here to attempt questions on Coding - Decoding, Attempt Important Quizzes of the subjects: Reasoning Ability Quiz. Here each letter moves +1, -1,…. Now we will show you the process of solving the Letter Coding reasoning questions in a very easy and quick manner. - 324005, PGDBF Course 2019 - Job in BOB, IDBI, ICICI, AXIS, Syndicate Bank, Banking Career - Jobs in Banking Sector after 12th & Graduation, List of Best 300 One Word Substitutions Asked in SSC, IBPS, UPSC Exam, List of Governor General and Viceroy of India (Complete List). For brief information about all these types, scroll down the blog. Before transmitting, the data is encoded and at receiver's side, the data is decoded in order to obtain original data by determining common keys in encoded data. MPA 44, 2nd floor, Rangbari main Road Mahaveer Nagar II, Kota (Raj.) Here in this blog, we have discussed all type of Coding Decoding Questions which are likely to be asked in the competitive exams. The common code word will mean that word. The names/objects or words are substituted with different words or objects. Find the sequence it follows whether it is ascending or descending. Letter Coding is one of the most important topic of Reasoning aptitude tests. Download Now. B. BZQD. Targeting Upcoming SSC Exams 2018-2019? Coding Decoding Reasoning Questions – Know How to Solve the Problems! Compare 1st letter of CODING with 1st letter of DPEJOH. Letter coding: In this type of questions, the alphabets in a word are replaced by other alphabets … Problem solving is the meta-skill. As you have to find the code for the word ‘they’ so concentrate on the statement in which the word is used. Meanwhile you can Enjoy the Free Study Material. There are some topics in reasoning that takes a very short time to get solved while some are time-consuming. In this type of questions, the messages will be given in coded language. 5   3. 8  4.6  5. This can be achieve only if you have a very good reasoning skills. Coding and Decoding: Key Learning. Coding is a method of transmitting a message between the sender and the receiver without a third person knowing it. In such questions, generally one word and its code are given, and the students are required to find the code for the other word. The number of messages may vary in each question. SBI PO Previous Year Question Paper with Answers (Prelims/Main), Download PDF! In the first and second statements, the common word is ‘hard’ and the common code digit is ’8’. The letter in the code represents the first vowel from the left end in the given word. Coding Decoding is a topic which is counted in the list of easiest topics in reasoning section. There are some topics in reasoning that takes a very short time to get solved while some are time-consuming. For updates subscribe to our channel. If someone is thirsty, he/she will go for water. One of our mentor will revert to you within 48 hours. You can learn here easily how to solve coding and decoding problems with solutions for ssc and bank exams. C. BZPD. Practice plays the important role to complete or achieve your tasks. What is the approach to solve the questions of this section? Enrol now to get ready for the exam. Reasoning is one of the easiest sections in all type of competitive exams. Big and small. To know how to crack the new pattern Coding and Decoding questions, check the example with a detailed explanation below. 3. In the first and third statements, the common word is ‘study’ and the common code digit is ‘6’. If you want to get the right answer, then carefully go through all the substitutions given in the question. Following are the most common types of Coding Decoding questions –. Proceeding similarly by picking up all possible combinations of two, the entire message can be analyzed.

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