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Curate and streamline your feed to get rid of old, outdated information that may reveal more about you than you’d like. Do not answer security questions honestly, and change your answers for different setups. Here's how to protect yourself Published Thu, Sep 5 2019 10:38 AM EDT Updated Thu, Sep 5 2019 11:42 AM EDT Update your OS and apps. A Division of NBCUniversal. How To Prevent Someone From Hacking Your Android Phone Look At What’s On Your Smartphone. Copyright ©2020 Designtechnica Corporation. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox. Just like you wouldn’t give out your old landline phone number to anyone who asked for it, don’t automatically offer your mobile number to any app that prompts you. If your iPhone is backed up, you can program it to automatically wipe after 10 consecutive unsuccessful passcode tries. You can use a password style answer for such questions — comprised of letters and numbers — instead of your first pet’s name, for example. A jailbroken phone that malfunctions will get you no sympathy from Apple — it will, however, void your warranty, and Apple personnel will probably not assist you if something bad happens. However, you do have to dig into the settings and allow it. Software companies are constantly updating software, and not only for … Your smartphone doesn’t just hold your valuables; it signals to intruders which of your valuables are the most important to you. The exact path to app permissions on an Android device depends on the device, but on a Google Pixel you’ll find them in Settings > Apps & notifications > Advanced > Permission manager or on a Samsung Galaxy look in Settings > Apps > App permissions (via the three vertical dots at the top right). If you can keep your phone with you, a hacker will have to work much harder to get into it. Hard to believe, isn't it? The best way to avoid malware on Android is to stick with the selections available from the Google Play Store, which are vetted by Google. Most notably the WhatsApp attack earlier in the year and a mistake in iOS 12.4 whereby a previously fixed bug, which let hackers install spyware on iPhones, was accidentally reintroduced by Apple. Make a habit of keeping your phone relatively pristine by offloading images and documents to your computer, and eliminating confidential emails from financial, employer, and health-related accounts. You can also arrange for the phone to delete all information after a set number of incorrect passcode tries. Companies like FlexiSpy and mSpy are making stalkerware easily accessible to anyone for as little as $30, often marketed as a tool to "keep your child safe" or "catch a cheating spouse." You should lock individual … Keep your phone with you at all times. Never download apps via text message, as that is an infamous method hackers use to inject malware directly into your phone. If you take positive steps to protect your smartphone from hackers and intruders, you should feel confident you’ve done everything possible to shield your critical information. If something is on the phone you always have with you, then by definition, it rates. One thing you need to be vigilant about is being prepared for the worst by making sure your phone is backed up to protect critical documents and images in case your phone is lost or stolen. Stalkerware is most common on Android devices, but iPhones are by no means immune to hacking. The smartphone app variations provide enhanced security by ensuring apps, PDFs, images, and other files you download aren’t infected with malware before you open them. Brute force password crackers will still dismantle many strong passwords, but making it easy for hackers by using your birthday, your pet’s name, or the same password for everything is a truly terrible idea. This knowledge may help you or a friend potentially escape a dangerous situation in the future. This includes... Update Your Android Phone. Having your smartphone hacked kind of feels like someone robbed your house — or maybe even worse. According to Certo Software, a mobile anti-spyware company, demand for tools to detect stalkerware on cellphones has tripled in the last two years, and positive detections of stalkerware on iPhones has doubled this year alone.

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