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EGG SHELLS – Wash them first, then crush. Learn how your comment data is processed. Have been skipping on fertilizing for fear of screwing up and killing the plants, which has happened to me in the past with ‘cooking water’… so my question really is where did i mess up? • Add 8 cups of chopped seaweed to a 5 gallon bucket and fill halfway with water. • Cover loosely and let the drum ferment for several weeks—we usually allow about 3 weeks for fermentation. Or does the coffee need to be brewed first to release the good stuff? People worry way too much, if you’re worried, just use it on your rhododendrons, roses, trees, etc – its natural fertilizer once its broke down. Many are very smelly and will stain if spilt. We saved eggs, dead minnows, dead chickens and fish remains and dug deep by fruit trees deposited there. The N is for nitrogen, the P for phosphorus, and the K for Potassium. So why spend good money on store bought fertilizer when you can make it yourself with just a little information? Many of these establishments will save hair for your garden, if you ask them for it. My problem is the curling new leaf of Bay Leaf Tree I am grooming; its got white tiny insects. Urine can also be used as a fertilizing agent in your garden as it is high in nitrogen. Very good article..You covered everything what people want to know about organic manure.I am sure this will he helpful to people..Keep going.. everyone have a great day. David. He got me into gardening. Possibly we have enough rain to wash the salt away, but there has never been any adverse effect. My dad always said not to fertilize tomato plants too much b/c you would have lucious dark green plants with few blooms. but when it is completely rotted there is no smell at all and the bucket is full of clean black loam. Like any store-bought fertilizer, you should assume these fertilizers are toxic. While there are also many important micronutrients in good fertilizer, it is understanding the “big 3,” the N-P-K, that is the key to making your own effective fertilizer at home. Hello Teri, I grow comfrey and use the leaves for many things one is to make comfrey tea about 6 leaves to a 5 gal. Making your fertilizer is also a great way to “reduce, reuse, and recycle.”. Here is a great recipe for composting dog poop. Wish more people realised they can use their own gardens to produce food, and wish everyone respected and supported that as well. Stick with chicken drippings! If you burn wood – either hardwood or softwood, and the remaining charcoal is thoroughly burned (nearly pure carbon) – you can add this to soil to help improve drainage and enhance soil nutrient retention (particularly important for deficient soils). Read More: “How to Measure Your Favorite Organic Fertilizers”, Always remember the one basic rule that applies to the use of all fertilizers—”less is more.”  If you use too much fertilizer or too strong a concentration, you could do much more harm than good. Hardwood is best—and no charcoal or lighter fluid, please, as this can harm your plants. I love that you detail nutritional content of some of the material proposed as I am interested in the composition of them for more precise homemade fertilizers to use on a per mac ultra farm. It doesn’t get much easier than using manure from your animals. No print that I see…, Hi Shae – Yeah, we lost that option when we upgraded to our new template. To use this as a fertilizer, simply place the whole match in the hole with the plant, or soak the matches in water. I think that this misconception grew out of the fact that most people have backyards that are filled with really poor/weak soil. Excellent article! Keep feeding us!! I am profoundly surprised that someone would take the time to criticize an article they apparently did not take the time to read. Jenkins’ book of that title, 3rd edition, is online free, leaving little excuse to dither. Understanding just a small bit of information about fertilizer can go a long way toward helping your garden to grow big, strong, healthy plants on a light budget. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 23,536 times. Commercial “blooming” mixes are usually high in phosphorus. They were always HUGE and full of blooms. Any cautions concerning its use? Had you read it you would have noticed that the homemade fertilizer recipes included things like urine, manure, and crushed bones (that would be your dead animals there). doing most of those but our horse will be very upset if we used her feed for compost without including her…lol…she is a great compost machine. We don’t rinse or wash the salt off, just put it directly on the garden bed. Awesome article, thank you! THEY COULD DOUSE DIFFERENT MATERIALS TO SEE IF THAT WAS WHAT MY GARDEN NEEDED. Helpful Resource: “How Much Nutrient Is in Your Homemade Fertilizer?”, This list of homemade fertilizers is by no means exhaustive. Thank you! If you haven’t got time to wait 3 days to make the Simple Tea, you might want to try this idea. Pressed for time and haven’t quite read all comments, but I do want to add that, while respecting that gardening/farming organically is very much a lifestyle choice, in the last few years there is quite a lot of medical evidence about technologies and agro-chemicals that can do great harm to people and the livestock and crops that feed them? It surprises me profoundly that you have no mention of urine, poop and especially dead animal bodies and rotten meat at all. if not any suggestions would be appreciated ? I have a feeling I have read it before, but always look at it with new eyes, having learned so much in the subsequent year. Used coffee grounds contain about 2% nitrogen, about a third of a percent of phosphoric acid, and varying amounts of potash (generally less than 1%). It answered my questions…thanks for the clear information. Hi, I am new to fertilizing and gardening in general. Thanks in advance. Excellent and powerful information. Water your plants with the aquarium water taken right out of the tank when cleaning it. I don’t remember how long it takes (2-5 months?) I’ll try some of the fertilizer teas. Pail and wait for leaves to rot then use on plants, my question is do you know if I need to add additional water to mixture before Appling to plants. I also take water used to rinse out milk containers and water plants with it. • To use, apply the fish emulsion fertilizer to the soil around your plants at a rate of 3 gallons of liquid for every 100 square feet of yard or garden., None of these specifically mention Potassium (K), which it seems my soil almost totally without. Compost can be made at home out of leftover food items and other detritus and is virtually cost free. However, if you use fresh seaweed or dry, salted seaweed, ensure it is thoroughly washed before using. A good source for this hair is not only your hairbrush, but also the local barbershop or beauty salon. If I use ALL of these Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think pigeon droppings contain a high amount of ammonia (or something similar) as you can get very ill from walking around old barns where pigeons have roosted for a long time. Seaweed should be used in the same way you would use manure. Are there plans to write an article about where the current dividing lines are for filtering through our non-organic food stream for compost components that may still have toxic consequences after composting?

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