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Several layers of wet newspaper were plastered over the sand so that the clay layer would not stick to the sand. Once the sand is removed, the oven is ready to be fired up and used. The exterior shell was paddled and shaped into a smooth cover. We are curious how this would work with charcoal briquettes right out of the bag. Either it is too wet to work, or is so hard that you need a pick to get it out. Using the Plan Follow your plan exactly. Share it with us! Good job, Did you say half a 5 gallon bucket of wood to bring it to temp. This insulation layer was packed and leveled. However, we decided to cheat a bit bought some very rough clay intended for large structural structures from the pottery supply warehouse. Build the base. 9 years ago After a period of time (the "soak" period) the door is removed. A great benifit of having a fire while cooking is that the pizza wants to be cooked from both sides at the same time. Layer by layer we pressed the clay into itself around and over the dome, being careful not to press into the sand dome. A door made from 2x6’s was cut to shape. ", Sunset: Getting Started On Your Own Outdoor Oven, Apartment Therapy: A Backyard Bread Oven -- A Green Dream, Small Scale: Build Your Own $20 Outdoor Cob Oven for Great Bread and Pizza, Mother Earth News: Build an All-in-One Outdoor Oven, Stove, Grill and Smoker, Home Office Renewable Energy: A Case Study -- The Outdoor Brick Oven, The Cob Oven Project: DIY Outdoor Kitchen/Pizza Oven, How to Build a Brick BBQ Pit Without Mortar. Clay slip, clay mixed with water into a sour cream consistency, was added until all of the particles were coated with clay. 5 years ago As a fuel, you are going to use wood, so your base should be strong and fireproof. It does take more wood then. Using a garden trowel my wife carefully dug out the sand. The final layer had to dry a bit before it could be smoothed completely. I did not fill the last layer of block so that the insulation layer would be deep enough. When she hit newspaper, she knew that she had reached the inside of the dome. After some drying time the oven was now firm enough to remove the sand. Put the peel into the oven and with one sharp jerk forward, slide your bread right onto the hot bricks. Includes diagrams, creating the oven floor and mixing mud. We built a wood-fired oven, or WFO, if you prefer. Perlite – about $30 from the hardware store. Richard Miscovich, bread expert and wood-fired oven builder, offers a few useful tips and general masonry guidelines to help you get started building the backyard, wood-fired oven of your dreams. Is there a chimney, or does all the smoke come out the front?Where does the fresh air come from to feed the fire?What method do you use to remove fire and ash before cooking?Thanks. Have you had any problems with the clay absorbing moisture out of the air yet? The mouth has lost most of its structure. This is mixed in a large bucket, then patted into place over the newspaper-covered dome in a layer at least 3 to 4 inches thick. More of the insulation material was used to level the floor of the oven prior to building the oven itself. The Foundation:  I started the project by locating the oven far enough away from the porch for safety yet close enough for convenience. It was not as easy as it should have been. For our project, the base is 4 feet square by 3 feet tall, and we created it with dry-stacked stones … A pair of handles left over from a previous project completed the door. Seemed to do the trick anyway - only started getting really hot after we'd been using it about 4hrs. Usually we use scrap fir or cedar to start it going and the heating fire is from maple or alder. A rough ball made of the insulation mix did not splatter or break apart when dropped from waist height.

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