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Use extra hot pepper butter over any hot vegetable, like cooked broccoli or mixed bell pepper. To enjoy the hot pepper sauce, simply use it as you would any other. My recipe of the day is with the blogging group Eat the World, as this month we are exploring Mexican recipes and for my selection I wanted to share one of my hot sauce recipes using green poblanos with you. Green Poblano Hot Sauce By Sue Lau | Palatable Pastime. If you don’t have fresno peppers or if you simply prefer a different kind of pepper, just about any kind of hot pepper (including jalapeños or habaneros) can be used instead. HOT SAUCE RECIPE. No harsh vinegar, spice, oil taste that overpowers the peppers. Add it to recipes for some added heat and a … And here’s why. It’s so easy to make. So you grew habaneros this year and you have WAY more peppers than you were expecting. It tastes like pure hot peppers with a hint of garlic. Just add a bunch of hot peppers to a jar of vinegar and then let everything marinate for a month or 2. Just cook your shrimp in a saucepan with butter and some of Ginny’s Hot Pepper Sauce. Recipes you want to make. Don't be surprised if your host or hostess asks you if you would like to have some pepper sauce … Hot Pepper Sauce is one of my favorite southern recipes. This hot sauce recipe is the perfect one to start with. If you haven’t attempted to make a homemade hot sauce before, you’re quite missing out! Each island and household has its own recipes and you can always find a bottle of homemade pepper sauce in most homes. Hot sauce (or chili sauce) is a condiment made and widely used throughout the Caribbean. This green hot sauce is so alive that it lives in the door of my fridge. Cook shrimp with hot butter and hot green pepper sauce for about 2-3 minutes, until cooked through.

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