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A. Echolocation B. Doppler radar C. Radio direction finding D. Phase locking, T8C02 Which of these items would be useful for a hidden transmitter hunt? A. A. 500 Hz B. A. At the battery or engine block ground strap B. A. Light Emitting Diode C. Liquid Emission Detector D. Long Echo Delay, T6B08 What does the abbreviation "FET" stand for? A. Reactance modulator B. They are good for UHF frequencies B. Between the receiver and the transmitter C. At the station power supply D. At the microphone, T4A05 What type of filter should be connected to a TV receiver as the first step in trying to prevent RF overload from a nearby 2 meter transmitter? Plus or minus 5 MHz B. A. Electronic Keyer C. Computer Keyboard D. All of these choices are correct, T8D11 What is a "parity" bit? The distance between the repeater's transmit and receive antennas B. A. Resistor B. Potentiometer C. Oscillator D. Capacitor, T6A06 What type of electrical component stores energy in a magnetic field? A. FCC Part 97 Rules B. A wavemeter C. A voltmeter D. An ammeter, T7D05 What instrument is used to measure resistance? When the communication is incidental to classroom instruction at an educational institution C. When re-broadcasting weather alerts during a RACES net D. When notifying other amateur operators of the availability for sale or trade of apparatus, T1D09 Under which of the following circumstances are amateur stations authorized to transmit signals related to broadcasting, program production, or news gathering, assuming no other means is available? By calculation based on FCC OET Bulletin 65 B. Signals are being reflected from outer space B. A one-way transmission to initiate, modify or terminate functions of a device at a distance C. A one-way transmission of measurements at a distance from the measuring instrument D. An information bulletin from a VEC, T1A08 Which of the following entities recommends transmit/receive channels and other parameters for auxiliary and repeater stations? Copper B. A. Signals are arriving by sub-surface ducting C. Signals are being reflected by lightning storms in your area D. Signals are being refracted from a sporadic E layer, T3C03 What is a characteristic of VHF signals received via auroral reflection? Give off light when current flows through it B. 6 B. Carry RF signals between a radio and antenna C. Secure masts, tubing, and other cylindrical objects on towers D. Connect data signals from a TNC to a computer, T7A01 What is the function of a product detector? 112 B. A. RACES Rules B. ARES Rules C. FCC Rules D. FEMA Rules, T2C04 What do RACES and ARES have in common? Include a series switch in the ground line of each protector to prevent RF overload from inadvertently damaging the protector C. Keep the ground wires from each protector separate and connected to station ground D. Ground all of the protectors to a common plate which is in turn connected to an external ground, T0A08 What is one way to recharge a 12-volt lead-acid station battery if the commercial power is out? A. One one-thousandth of a volt B. A gateway B. A. A. Capacitors B. Inductors C. Resistors D. Transistors, T6B02 What electronic component allows current to flow in only one direction? A. Turn on the CTCSS tone C. Ask the other operator to adjust his squelch control D. Try moving a few feet, as random reflections may be causing multi-path distortion, T3A02 Why are UHF signals often more effective from inside buildings than VHF signals? A. AM B. SSB C. PSK D. FM, T8A05 Which of the following types of emission has the narrowest bandwidth? A. Right-hand circular B. Left-hand circular C. Horizontal D. Vertical, T3A04 What can happen if the antennas at opposite ends of a VHF or UHF line of sight radio link are not using the same polarization? A. Calibrated SWR meter B. A. Ultraviolet resistant jackets prevent harmonic radiation B. Ultraviolet light can increase losses in the cable's jacket C. Ultraviolet and RF signals can mix together, causing interference D. Ultraviolet light can damage the jacket and allow water to enter the cable, T7C11 What is a disadvantage of "air core" coaxial cable when compared to foam or solid dielectric types? 0.02 watts B. A. Two years B. A. 2 to 1 B. A check sum which permits error detection B. From within any country that is a member of the United Nations C. From anywhere within in ITU Regions 2 and 3 D. From any vessel or craft located in international waters and documented or registered in the United States, T1C07 What may result when correspondence from the FCC is returned as undeliverable because the grantee failed to provide the correct mailing address? A bright or shiny surface C. A grainy or dull surface D. A greenish tint, T7D10 What is probably happening when an ohmmeter, connected across a circuit, initially indicates a low resistance and then shows increasing resistance with time? Send your call sign in CW as well as voice C. Repeat your call sign three times D. Increase your signal to full power when identifying, T2B10 What is the "Q" signal used to indicate that you are receiving interference from other stations? Carry dc power from a vehicle battery to a mobile radio B. A. It increases the SWR B. Your call sign followed by the other station's call sign C. The other station's call sign followed by your call sign D. A signal report followed by your call sign, T2A06 What must an amateur operator do when making on-air transmissions to test equipment or antennas? The 2 meter and 13 cm bands C. The 6 meter, 2 meter, and 1.25 meter bands D. The 2 meter and 70 cm bands, T1B11 What emission modes are permitted in the mode-restricted sub-bands at 50.0 to 50.1 MHz and 144.0 to 144.1 MHz? A good impedance match C. An antenna gain of 4 D. An impedance mismatch, T7C07 What happens to power lost in a feedline? ARRL Ham Radio License Manual 3rd Edition This document displays the Technicians question pool in a Question and Answer format. A. To combine signals from several stations together C. To shift the incoming signal to an intermediate frequency D. To connect the receiver with an auxiliary device, such as a TNC, T7A04 What circuit is pictured in Figure T7, if block 1 is a frequency discriminator? About 30 volts C. About 120 volts D. About 240 volts, T5A07 Which of the following is a good electrical conductor? Forward resistance C. Forward voltage drop D. On resistance, T6C01 What is the name for standardized representations of components in an electrical wiring diagram? Brief transmissions to make station adjustments B. Retransmission of entertainment programming from a commercial radio or TV station C. Retransmission of entertainment material from a public radio or TV station D. Communications on a regular basis that could reasonably be furnished alternatively through other radio services, T1E01 When must an amateur station have a control operator?

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