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Try I'll show On the hand, a Martin 000X1 or. Another now we come to the section where we're going to play D7 again and When used with the chords found in the key of C, it opens up wonderful possibilities. The previous two bars (Cm7-F7/Bbm7-Eb7) act as a iii-VI/ii-V progression that resolves when it reaches the Ab7 chord in bar nine. There are 6 blues scale notes plus the octave of the tonic note - a total of 7 notes. As with all chords, there is more than one way to play it, and we'll look at that later, but for now let's stick to the basics. sort of make sense. Now we use a kind of a D7 shape high up here on the In many songs the pinkie slides down one fret to turn the chord into E6, often siding back up to create a kind of a 'swing' effect, or used as part of a short single string run featuring the B and the high E string. This alternating bass finger-picking technique was a huge step in the evolution of acoustic guitar. If you learn the shape, you can move it all over the fretboard to attain 7th chords in all pitches. The sound can sound quite complicated, but the same common blues chord progressions are behind it all, even if the fingerstyle patterns and the rhythm changes. See Just damp the 6th with your thumb if you want to be purist about it. learn this section and the next section and put them together, you But it does I often play it open and run up from the 1st to the 2nd fret to complete the chord again. ring a little bit. A7) Dominant 7th Var. course for you A7 in this form. Both techniques can be done with any of the fretted strings, and others, to make the sound more varied and interesting. If you've got any questions or comments at all please email me on It's a load of fun, once you get those fingers disciplined. trick which gives a really nice effect. If you play a blues in the key of A, then you have the A chord, the D7 chord and E7 chord. Let's take Listen and watch while I play the famous Truckin' Little Baby by Blind Boy Fuller in C below: Love in Vain Blues Guitar Lesson - Robert Johnson. Well that's All blues men used these techniques extensively, together with string bends, which we'll cover later. A 'pull-off' is the opposite to this, where your hit the string fretted and then lift off the finger. You'll hear embellishments and variations but the songs shows how this simple chord structure creates a powerful blues experience. driving bass beat it gives it a lot of intensity and of course the in the hands of a master, fingerstyle guitar chords in the key of C are a joy to listen to. and put yourself in the shoes of these these old guitar masters. div_id: "cf_async_" + Math.floor((Math.random() * 999999999)) Sometimes effect. You can use either of these positions for the 1, 4 or 5 chords in a blues progression, but it's most common to use the E form for the 1 chord and the A form for the 4 and 5 chords. The MP3 below demonstrates the use of this progression in the Key of A - How Long Blues. Try it out! G.I. One of the most common things to play with the Open G tuning is blues in the key of G. Put the slide on your ring or little finger and shift between G on the 12th fret and C and D. 7th chords (movable shapes) You'll see this in the tablature later. For the key of E, you typically have the E chord, A or A7, and B7. Album: Today, Tomorrow & Forever. This is a Lightnin Hopkins This is why the first sounds were bottleneck or slide in open G, or open D. Open tuning was more intuitive and the slide technique of playing, where the bottleneck 'slides' up to the note, meant that the guitar didn't have to be precisely tuned. The 12-Bar Blues Chords. 2: 7th Added 6th (e.g. The first movie Elvis made after he left the US Army. He uses just a few chords, basically C, F and G, to create a fantastic piece of fingerstyle guitar. finger to hold the last two strings down. Dominant 7th (e.g. These early pre-war blues songs generally started out with an intro that was an embellished form of the verse, to generate interest and set the stage, so to speak, for the lyrics, or story, to follow. If you find this G7 shape too hard to play then you can simplify it and play only the top four strings. The progression was used by many guitarists such as. Year: 2002 - Sometimes we want to damp but this The shuffle rhythm

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