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Thank you for this list that has stayed quite consistent ! There are also figures that honor the original Dragon Ball story as well as offshoots like Resurrection 'F' and Dragon Ball Super. The evil Frieza Funko Pop comes at you with a classy style: golden body with purple details. The vinyl figure line includes key characters from the popular animated franchise. This Goku Funko Pop shows a child version, riding on the flying cloud. It has the collection number #47. POPS! Towa You are not the only one! Exclusive Beerus (Metallic) Pop. I have EVERYTHING ELSE ! We scouted the internet and came up with a list, presented from the cheapest to the number one most expensive. Funko Pop Dragon Ball Z Vinyl Figures Gallery. Its kind of messing with my OCD . 109 Goku & Flying Nimbus. It has the dragon spheres at the bottom and has really interesting details. We are NOT affiliated with Funko Inc. Funkohouse is created by real fans of the Funko products. With the new wave came We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This includes quite a few different versions for Goku and Vegeta with many being unique to one retailer or event. This Broly Funko Pop wears the outfit of the films he featured in. Simply add your desired Pops to the basket for the offer to apply! New Releases. It has a muscular and rather scary appearance. :D, Does it bug anybody else that they called super saiyan 3 gotenks only “super saiyan gotenks” on the box. It wears the classic uniform with the symbol of the turtle. This Whis Funko Pop is a metallic version. We see Trunks Funko Pop in their Super Saiyan phase. Just wanted to say thanks for keeping this list updated, it’s become my source of truth for collecting! Goku Goten I would like a Tien, Chao-Su, Yamcha, Corrin, Gohan from the Cell Games and a Roshi Pop. Here you can find all your favourite DBZ characters including Vegeta, Goku, Mecha Frieza, Perfect Cell, and many more! Any chance you could add a list sorted by date added? Dragon Ball Z collection. The god of destruction is present in this list. Although its a damn good copy, even has the serial code imprinted on the bottom. Just need the Metalic Whis and collection is complete once again. Other options New and used 108 Bulma. Besides the Arlia Vegeta that is a fake rebrand ( the original one is listed at 2300 dollars xD ) and the ” copies ” and ” chrome ” ones … I have everything ! Shop. Dragon Ball products on Pop In A Box UK - free delivery available. This Beerus Funko … Getting a good start on the anime series that began in 2015, fans have a colorful lineup of subjects from Dragon Ball Super (DBS) to add to their Pop! 59 $12.99 $12.99. The most popular Dragon Ball Funko Pop today and the most expensive one. ... Dragon Ball Z Trunks Funko Pop! This Funko Pop was launched in 2016 at the Comic Con in San Diego. Once again thanks! Subscribe to the Pop AnimationMystery Monthly Funko Pop Box here to only receive Pops from your wishlist, delivered straight to your door. Vinyl 5 for £40! It has the collection number #402. I have them all but of course missing the most expensive one. This Porunga Funko Pop is 6 inches tall. I just wanted to thank this website! No code required! We can see the “M” on his forehead and his classic blue outfit with white boots. Mechikabura This Vegeta Funko Pop was launched in the year 2018 exclusively for While the original line features Super Saiyan Goku alongside his rivals Vegeta and Piccolo, collectors can find several variants and even more characters in the growing Pop! 5 for £40! This Trunks Funko Pop was released in 2016 exclusively for the New York Comic Con. Would be nice if you had a list under the checklist what was just the date, and the things that were changed/added? Prices are subject to change. Robelu I come back here to make sure I’m up to date with my collection but some of the Pops aren’t new numbers (i.e. Since then, it has been translated into many languages and become one of the most recognizable anime series in the world. Here’s my wish list of pops still not existing: Android 21 (Scientist) 107 Trunks. Fu Complete Pokemon Funko Pop List With Links To Buy Them All – Updated! 26% off Limited time deal. Have you ever wondered which are the rarest and most expensive Dragon Ball Funko Pops that exist? Frieza Radditz 09 Goku (HT) 10 Vegeta. Buy Pop! It has the collection number #120. This Beerus Funko Pop presents its classic outfit but this time in a purple metallic version. Top 12 Rarest And Most Expensive Dragon Ball Funko Pops of 2020! This Funko Pop will be released in July 2019 and has the collection number #563. Dragon Ball Z first aired in Japan, running from 1989 to 1995.

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