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He was born Malcolm John “Mac” Rebennack, Jr., in New Orleans on Nov. 21, 1941, and raised in the city’s Third Ward. Malcolm Rebennack, also known by the stage name Dr. John, is an American musician, performer, and songwriter.. The winner of six Grammy awards, Rebennack was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by singer John Legend on Monday, March 14, 2011. Malcolm John Rebennack was born in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, on November 21, 1941.His mother was a former model and his father was the owner of a music store. Rebennack Sr ran an appliance shop in the East End of New Orleans, fixing radios and televisions and selling records. Dr. John (born Malcolm John Rebennack on 20 November 1941; died 6 June 2019) was an American singer-songwriter, pianist and guitarist whose music combined blues, boogie woogie and rock and roll. Early Life. Dr. John Biography, Life, Interesting Facts. Dr. John born Malcolm John Rebennack, Jr., was an American singer and songwriter. Dr John’s real name was Malcolm John Rebennack, the same as his father. The stories of Dr John's life and early days in New Orleans where his junkie habit led him into some amazingly degenerate company and a desperate, wild lifestyle where music maintained his habit and his habit frequently screwed up his music are vivid. Dr. John Biography – Dr. John Wiki.

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