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Do this every two weeks or so (more if you feel your hair would benefit from it) and start to see healthier results! Mix ingredients together and gently massage into hair. This allows it to draw down my strands of hair and also allows me to avoid drips and wasted product. Plus, the extra conditioning ingredients are an added perk. This conditioner is ideal for naturals whose hair dislikes protein conditioners but needs a bit of strengthening. If you haven’t jumped on the homemade beauty product bandwagon, this is a great product to start with  Your hair will feel hydrated, healthy and shiny. The added thickness allows it to sit on the strands for hydration rather than run off right away as well. Most people have a medium to high porosity hair type and will reap the maximum benefits from this type of treatment. It shouldn’t feel oily, but maybe a bit heavier than what you are used to due to the oil that will still be coating the outside of the hair strands. Use a thin towel or shirt so you can wrap it tightly to keep it from slipping. May 5, 2019 - Explore Nerida Wilson's board "Coconut oil conditioner" on Pinterest. Do you put this on dry hair or damp hair? The oil can get quite runny, and conditioner allows you to make it a bit more viscous for easier application. Be sure to work it down the length of your hair and pay particular attention to your ends. If you like you may also condition as normal. Every now and then, my hair loses its shine. For this deep conditioning mask I used coconut oil due to its easy availability and healthy antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, as well as soothing moisturizing feel that is safe even for the most tender skin. You don’t want to weaken the strands by tugging on them. I love learning how to create things from scratch, so I know what ingredients go into everything from homemade face scrubs to clean eating recipes. I enjoy sharing my favorite recipes with other families so they can have a healthier home, too! Luckily, there is a way to provide a healthy, beneficial hydration treatment to your hair in the privacy of your own home. The key is the coconut oil, which binds to the hair thus reducing keratin loss. I’m a coconut oil lover … one the best beauty ingredients we can use , Your email address will not be published. Heat and styling breaks down the elasticity of hair, and weather can wreak havoc on both the cuticle and shaft of your strands, resulting in hair that is dull and lifeless. I start getting more split ends, and it looks a big more fizzy. For Strengthening – Coconut oil and honey. Honey, a humectant, is also added to the mix to impart moisture retention. The following steps are suggested to reap the full benefits of this simple oil hair mask. With three women with long hair in my home, I will definitely be giving your recipe a try. Gently brush your hair before getting started and spray with a room temperature water. I use an all natural ingredients rinse out conditioner to serve as a good base for my coconut oil to create a natural deep conditioner for dry hair. Don’t completely soak your head, but simply get it wet enough to be thoroughly damp using a spray bottle. Coconut oil is very runny and melts at a fairly low temperature. Read the results: hair than sinks has a high porosity, hair that stays floating has a low porosity, and medium porosity is denoted by a slow sink or sort of floating in the water effect. Copyright ©2020, Homemade for Elle. These oils contain high amounts of both triglycerides, which have a positive polar charge and are pulled into negative polar charges in the hair;  and monounsaturated fats that are able to penetrate more deeply due to their smaller size in comparison to other fatty acids (lipids). One treatment will honestly leave your hair looking better for weeks! If products are purchased through some of these links, We may earn a commission. If you find that your brush doesn’t move as freely through your hair and you are struggling with dryness and increased flyaways, you may want to take a closer look at your hair conditioning habits. It was only when I started making my own DIY Coconut Hair Mask that I found something that really worked for me. I will have to try that, thanks!! As you can see I started with a pretty dry head of hair that was full of flyaways and seriously unmanageable frizziness. This is especially true for styles that have a lot of body, and a lack of curl and body definition is not a problem anyone wants to deal with. I’ve got 4C hair so will it work for my hair too? Types of Oils That Penetrate the Hair Shaft, The Best Hair Types for This Type of Treatment, Step by Step: Home Conditioning Remedies for Natural Hair, Step 3: Work Through Hair & Massage into Scalp, Step 4: Wrap in Warm Cotton Towel or T-Shirt, Where to Buy Natural Deodorant: 9 Places You Should Look First, Our Alikay Naturals Deep Conditioner Review, Best Natural Leave In Conditioner for Curly Hair, Place in a bowl of room temperature water for 2 to 4 minutes. These bottles are pretty inexpensive and I always stock up to keep them handy for various projects. This recipe only makes about 1/8 cup of conditioner, so it’s really designed for a one-time use. What kind and size jar do I put this in? These oils include coconut oil, ucuuba butter, sunflower oil, and olive oil as top contenders. The next bit is totally optional, but if you really want to keep your mask where it belongs I suggest wrapping your head in a plastic bag before placing a warm towel over it. This was plenty and was trying to drip before I wrapped it up. AMAZINGLY Soft hair! I’m able to make my own homemade teeth whitener, homemade lip gloss and my own homemade body scrubs. Important Disclaimer: The information contained on Better Mind Body Soul is intended for informational and educational purposes only. And, as always, please share! Over the years, I have tried expensive and inexpensive deep conditioning treatments on my hair, and have had varying levels of success. Plus, it is only one of the few oils that is able to penetrate the hair shaft to deeply moisturize and help to hold hydration. Rinse your head with cool water to help close the cuticle and seal in the moisture you just applied. I always turn my head over the bathtub and start to work the mask in at my scalp. Any statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA and any information or products discussed are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease or illness. I rarely have to use a curler to help define my waves when I do this on a regular basis as it provides both volume and control that works well with simple ponytails and other updo’s without creating a frizzy mess. :o). This helps hold in your body heat as well and allows the oil to truly penetrate into the shaft. It was only when I started making my own DIY Coconut Hair Mask that I found something that really worked for me. Do this until you feel that you have removed the majority of the product. Low porosity strands may not, however, and hair may end up feeling ‘coated’ rather than hydrated and end up limp, or even worse, feeling more dry. Although not common, there are reports of deep conditioning hair masks that use natural oils not being as helpful as they should be. Hi! If you notice your hair getting too oily, space it out every 2 – 3 weeks. An easy and quick coconut oil mask that'll give shine and life back to your hair. Please consult a healthcare practitioner before making changes to your diet or taking supplements that may interfere with medications. It is very much dependent upon how much hair you have and what will fully coat it. I also recommend you use a light, leave in conditioner to help protect it from heat and styling products. DO NOT run a comb through your hair after you get it wet. How much does this make? Over the years, I have tried expensive and inexpensive deep conditioning treatments on my hair, and have had varying levels of success. We recommend and link to certain products and offers throughout our site that we think will benefit our readers. The plastic also keeps it from being absorbed by the towel or dripping- making it a bit more convenient if you have other things to do rather than wait it out. Keep reading to learn how easy it is to make a homemade coconut oil hair mask! Others do exist but are not as documented as these choices, making them a favorite amongst DIY hair product creators. It also tames my flyaways and makes it much more manageable for styling with very little effort. Hey,how often do you use it? DIY Beauty Tutorials + Pampering Tips + More, By Andrea Vaughan | Updated on November 8, 2020. My teen daughters will think it’s fun to make our own conditioner. I have always done this with just coconut oil and left it on my hair for an hour.

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