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Set “Off” to the ECO Mode. ), "Video" for all other content, and "Auto." If a problem should arise, first check the following: If this unit does not operate properly, check the corresponding symptoms in this section. Set the maximum volume using “Limit” on the menu. Set the output resolution. Stay In Touch. Process video automatically based on the HDMI content information. The set’s USB port cannot be used for connection to a computer. No sound comes out with the HDMI connection. Check that a proper input source is selected. Some USB memory devices are not recognized. Some radio stations broadcast silently during some time period. This unit and PC / iPhone / iPod touch / iPad are not connected to the same network (LAN). Files of a type not supported by this unit are not displayed. “Auto Standby” is set. Use i/p (interlace-to-progressive) scaler function for analog video signals. Connecting a USB memory device to the USB port, Operating external devices with the remote control unit, Types of input signals, and corresponding sound modes. Files are stored in a non-compatible format. While the menu is being displayed, no video is shown on the TV. When “On” or “Auto” is in the ECO Mode, the audio may by distorted when the playback volume is high. In this case, adjust the direction of units with the 3D communications function and their distance to ensure they do not affect operations from the remote control unit of this unit. Update the firmware to the latest version. Click the AirPlay icon on the iTunes / iPhone / iPod touch / iPad screen and select this unit. Check the “Assign Mode” setting in the menu. Use i/p Scaler function for analog and HDMI video signal. Turn on the power. Launch the server. Securely tighten the speaker terminals. Modify the folder structure of the USB memory device. In this case, operate the external device directly. Operations cannot be performed through the remote control unit. Check the firewall setting. If “Video Mode” is set to “Auto”, the mode is switched according to the input contents. HDMI Diagnostics. Set “Speaker Config.” – “Subwoofer” on the menu to “Yes”. Register radio stations in service. Under the HDMI Output Settings, there is an option called Video Mode. link. No sound comes out of a specific speaker. • The resolution of the monitor device connected to the component monitor output connector does not match the AVR-5805's resolution. Also, set the DHCP setting to “On” on this unit. The maximum volume is set too low. Copyright © 2014 D&M Holdings Inc. All Rights Reserved. When no subwoofer audio signal (LFE) is included in the input signals, no sound may be output from the subwoofer. link, “Resolution”, “Progressive Mode” and “Aspect Ratio” can be set when “i/p Scaler” is set to anything other than “Off”. The HDMI signal cannot be converted to an analog signal. Set “Decode Mode” on the menu to “Auto” or “DTS”. Files stored on a computer cannot be played. Bluetooth devices cannot be connected to this unit. Turn off this unit and devices connected via HDMI, and turn them on again. Check whether the power plug is correctly inserted into the power outlet. Check the digital audio output setting on the connected device. If connected to a device not compatible with HDCP, video will not be output correctly. A TV connected to the HDMI MONITOR 1 connector is always used. Configure the network settings according to the setting details of this unit. AV Receivers Sound Bars Hi-Fi. If connection is restricted, set audio equipment as the connection target. The network name (SSID), password and encryption setting have not been set up correctly. linkWhen the “Resolution” setting in the menu is not set to “Auto”, set the resolution in “Video” - “HDMI Monitor 1” and “HDMI Monitor 2” to one that is compatible with both TVs. Change the antenna orientation or position. (period)”. SHOP NOW. To turn off the power supply of this unit (standby), press the ZONE2 ON/OFF on the main unit, or press the button on the remote control unit to turn off the power supply of ZONE2. Set’s IP address is wrong. The selected radio station is not in service. On this unit, characters that cannot be displayed are replaced with a “. When the sound mode is “Stereo” and “Virtual”, audio is only output from the front speakers and subwoofer. Various online services cannot be played. Check that the proper input source is selected. You are attempting to play a file that is copyright protected. On some devices, the digital audio output is set to off by default. Always process video for game content. Use analog connections. - Some images of 3D video content - Computer resolution images (example: VGA) - Video with an aspect ratio other than 16:9 or 4:3 - … AVR-S730H receiver pdf manual download. Perform image processing that is suitable for contents other than games. During playback from the Internet radio or USB memory device, sound is occasionally interrupted. The firewall function is enabled on the router. Email Sign Up Home Theater. Update the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad firmware to the latest version. In this case, disconnect the power immediately and contact the store where you purchased this unit. If both the HDMI MONITOR 1 and HDMI MONITOR 2 connectors are connected and “Resolution” is set to “Auto”, the signals are output with a resolution that is compatible with both TVs. Set a proper volume level. Please re-install this unit in a place having good ventilation. Connect it to the same LAN as this unit. Switch to a sound mode other than “Direct”. If the router encryption method is WEP/WPA-TKIP/WPA2-TKIP, you cannot connect by using the WPS button. “Output Settings” cannot be set when 4K signals are input. link. The input video signal is converted automatically in conjunction with the connected TV. You can make the subwoofer always output sound by setting the “Subwoofer Mode” to “LFE+Main”. Turn the power of the Bluetooth device off and on again, and then try again.

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