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Should nurses get the same wages as doctors? What are the requirements for critical care? The future of nursing in the digital age. It’s time to nail your grades! Consequently, it makes a lot of sense to write an essay on any of these topics: Are you interested in women’s health? What causes antibiotic resistance in children? Nurses need to speak up about quality problems. Broad topics are too general and your professor won’t appreciate them. How to protect against Parkinson’s Disease? 35 Tips to Choose Your Nursing Research Paper Topics. The tools nurses can use to improve care quality. The role of nurses in improving medical services quality. The three ethics issues nurses face every day. All Rights Reserved. Mental health can be difficult to write about. Similar to other countries around the globe, in the United States, cardiovascular disease is endemic, remaining the greatest cause of hospitalization and mortality; attributing to more than 45% of deaths among American adults (1,2). You won’t have much to write about and your professor will figure out that you just wanted to get the paper done as soon as possible. Time management in the nursing profession. He is prescribed nitroglycerin tablets as needed for … If you are interested in providing better care for elderly people, these are the topics for you. Does healthy eating really prevent obesity? The global burden of cardiovascular disease is growing problem accounting for 17.3 million deaths in 2013 and projected to increase to 23.6 million by 2030 (1). Stem cell and Regenerative Biology. Copyright 2013-2020 — Professional Writing & Editing. Best exercises that improve mental health. Social media and it’s effects on children’s psychology. Top 70 Qualitative Research Topics To Ace 2021, 50 Best Hamlet Essay Topics For All Levels. How to deal with abusive patients as a nurse. Avoid discussing issues that don’t interest anyone in the present. What is bipolar disorder and how can it be alleviated. In Europe, building a roadmap for cardiovascular research is one of the tasks of the ERA-CVD … As such, you should do your homework and learn how to write an essay the proper way. Nurse wins charity award for ‘going above and beyond’ for patients. Imaging. They want to be surprised. Cardiovascular Risk Reduction. Cardiovascular nursing research covers a wide array of topics from health services to psychosocial patient experiences. 10 things to do with your nursing degree. Then why not write a nursing essay on a topic about women’s health? Cardiovascular nursing research: past, present, and future. The link between violent video games and mental health. Most students are writing their essays on the same couple of topics, and this is driving professors crazy. This is why our list of 100 nursing research topics is so important. Non-english patients can pose legal issues. What is art therapy and how does it work? It’s pretty simple actually; professors want something new. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about evidence based practice nursing topics or about ethical topics in nursing. Interventions in … Abstract Favorites; PDF. Explore this section of Nursing Times for the latest policy, workforce and research news on cardiovascular disease, plus clinical articles and opinion Latest Nurse wins charity award for ‘going above and beyond’ for patients Three effective pregnancy prevention methods. Improving the quality of pain management in children. We are seeing a reduction in experienced nurses. The three effective ways to prevent breast cancer. Why? Here are the controversial essay topics you can try your hand at: These nursing evidence based practice topics are related to elders. Preventive Cardiology. The truth of the matter is that students who want a top grade on their essay should focus on finding an exceptional topic. Don’t pick the easiest topics. Here are some easy nursing topics that you can use right now: There are plenty of good nursing research topics out there, and plenty of them are about adult nursing. You can help make a change in the world by writing on any of the topics below: Do you have some advice about people looking at a nursing career? But what makes nursing paper topics exceptional? Foster SB, Kloner JA, Stengrevics SS. Working long shifts decreases patient care quality. Let’s take a closer look at Holistic Care. Our faculty and fellows continue to make ground-breaking discoveries for cardiovascular diseases, learn more about cardiovascular research at Johns Hopkins. Nurses should be allowed to prescribe medicine. How do you treat sleep disorders effectively? Atrial Fibrillation. Online training is excellent for future nurses. What does it take to improve nursing care? Narrow down the topic by geographical area, time frame, culture, and so on. Ethics concerns for psychiatric patients. Effective ways to treat patients in prison. However, the grade you can get on such a paper can be great for your GPA.

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