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A militia leader during the Revolutionary War, he was known as the “bloody tyrant of Washington county,” but distinguished himself at the Battle of Kings Mountain. It is particularly … Campbell is also the 48,309 th most frequently held first name internationally, borne by 13,862 people. It is the most numerous surname in one country:Northern Ireland, where 1 percent reside. The name travelled around the world, firstly to England as Scottish and Irish … His son William was born there in 1745. 31. Scots Irish in origin. Campbell … Geographically, Great Britain and Ireland are a collection of islands off the Atlantic coast of Europe. Irish revolutionary Michael Collins is one of the most famous Irish people with this surname. Campbell is … Campbell is a Scottish surname, one of the ten most numerous in that country, and one of the thirty most numerous in Ireland, with over two-thirds of thos who bear the name living in Ulster. MacLysaght, the former Chief Herald of Ireland, argued the MacCathmhaoil (usually anglicised as Campbell) derived their name from the Irish words for … Another theory is that the name is of Irish origin. One of the most famous people with the name Campbell is model and actress Naomi Campbell… John Campbell, Scots Irish, had come to Augusta county, Virginia in 1733. Meaning: crooked mouth. The pronunciation of Campbell in Ireland was “Cammle”, exactly the same as the Scottish name “Cambéal”. The Romans, who … Campbell—This name is both of Irish and Scottish origin in Ulster.The Scottish surname as it stands at present is merely a sobriquet derived from Cam, Wry, or crooked; and beul, mouth; hence Caimbeul. The Campbells come originally from Scotland, the northern part of Great Britain. As the ancient Celts of Ireland and Scotland mixed over time, the two versions merged together to form Campbell. Campbell.

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