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Hi They just need their owners to provide enough activity. As a medium-sized dog, you can expect the Borador to weigh anywhere between 35-45 pounds once fully grown. Be sure to expose Borador pups to kids and other dogs to bring out their playful nature – plus, there will be plenty of adorable photo ops!Photo credit: eriklam/Bigstock; robeo/Bigstock Professional or serious hobby trainers aside, this is fairly normal. The Borador is no exception. var dfpMapping728x90 = googletag.sizeMapping() googletag.pubads().setTargeting("folder1", "breeds"); One of the bigger struggles is putting him on the leash to take him out side without him walking me. for dogs. Pretty standard. We’d also love to hear about your own six month milestone. So don’t panic if you haven’t done much yet in the way of training. And many puppies won’t have any  significant behavioural problems at this age. The other big issue for many puppy parents with six month olds, is excitable behaviour, particularly jumping up, and sometimes nipping. The Borador is no exception. I hope that she feels better soon. And bouncy! Why not give him the freedom of the kitchen during the night? im bringing home my new choc lab tomorrow. If you are dealing with breeders who won’t allow that, chances are they are not a breeder worth dealing with. The Borador breed has a strong reputation as a working dog and tend to have some of the hardest dog jobs around. And your fox red puppy might well be lighter than your friend’s show bred (cream coloured) yellow pup. My concern is at 6 months he won’t have crucial obedience training, I.e., walking on a leash, sit, stay, come, down. These puppies can fit in the palm of your hand when they are born and need constant supervision (especially with kids) until they are about six months old because they are so fragile. She is the founder of the Labrador Site and a regular contributor. Thanks for your comment Loesje, glad you like the website and good luck with your training , Having our beige, 7 months Labrador is a huge pleasure and challenging experience in the same time:) I am glad i found this site…it is so easy to navigate and find whatever information is needed:) Most (not all, but most) chocolate Labs in the UK are show or pet bred Labradors and tend to be more heavily built. Some of you will have already had your 6 month pup neutered, others will be thinking about doing so in the next few months. The only trick is to find kibble that suits their unique needs (and of course, that have a flavor your dog likes!). // mobile ads It’s very reassuring to be able to find answers from experts so we can do our best with our pups at home. So my advice would be to avoid hard exercise until your puppy is well past his first birthday and then to build up gradually over a period of several weeks. It’s a big milestone reaching six months old! } Working type (American or field bred) Labradors are often lighter at six months than show type (English or bench bred) Labradors. What commands should my six month puppy know. I realise he is used to getting a lot of attention because we train him a lot but is it normal that he needs this level of attention? Boradors need plenty of daily exercise in the form of walks, runs, and really love to play fetch. I train my labs individually and they listen really well when they are on their own but if the rest of the “pack” is there, the pack mentality takes over. The remainder of his growth, another 10-20lbs or so will take place more slowly over the next 6 months. The only trick is to find kibble that suits their unique needs (and of course, that have a flavor your dog likes!). if (typeof(dfp728Slots) !== 'undefined' && dfp728Slots.length > 0) { While dog food manufacturers and pet blogs provide useful guidelines, they are still guidelines and not gospel. Most six month old pups have only quite basic obedience and are not yet reliably obedient when there are lots of distractions about. From time to time, you can include “treats” in form of kibble toppers like wet food or cooked meat and veggies. Can someone suggest me something which can make her poop inside the bathroom? Good Stuff. Puppies become sexually mature before they are physically mature and long before they are mentally adults. e.async = 1; These breeders should never be encouraged or patronized by true dog lovers. The only person qualified to determine the specific needs of your personal pup is your vet. dfp728Slots[i].set('adsense_link_color','0000aa'); However, the fact that this is a new breed didn’t stop the Borador from quickly rising to fame. })(); I ve made a place in my garden for my 6 months old puppy to poop and pee there. And definitely should not be allowed to do so. So that’s a total of thirty minutes a day at six months old  (fifteen minutes in the morning and fifteen minutes in the evening). "); _taboola.push({article:'auto'}); If you are expecting chewing to stop at the same time as teething coming to an end, you may be disappointed. Nothing out of the ordinary here. He does NOT jump on people, nip, resource guard, or bark. It is very rare that he would just do nothing and be happy with it. Be sure to consult your local veterinarian to find out which brand is best for your dog. I hope you’ll come and meet them and share your own puppy photos. Thank you for this very complete website with lots of information. e.src = u; Be patient, firm, and always reward your dog with a treat to associate good behaviour with an edible prize and you’ll easily teach this dog how to roll over, retrieve your daily newspape,r and lots of other nifty tricks. You see, d, There’s not much information about the origin of the Borador. This designer dog was developed by crossing a Border Collie with a Labrador Retriever. I don’t want to make it sound as though six month old puppies are a nightmare – because they are not. Hi Marissa, Have you taken Labrador back to the veterinarian? What was your biggest challenge and your biggest pleasure as your puppy reached the six month mark?

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