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It is deciduous and the leaves turn a bright golden yellow in the fall. USDA zone 6-9. I still have to look into it. The young Chinese Pistache looks somewhat gangly and out of place, but when it reaches maturity it is a beautiful shade tree. I'm considering a Bonita Ash - it's a cultivar of the native AZ ash (aka Fraxinus velutina). The more water you provide it during its first 2-3 years after planting the faster it will grow. Mimosa(Albizia julibrissin Rosea) Moderate to a fast-growing tree. This shade tree is a great choice for many southwestern landscapes. It is deciduous and the leaves turn a bright golden yellow in the fall. I planted a bonita ash 8 years go, height was six feet, with about 2 -3 inch trunk. En savoir plus. Bonita Ash will produce larger leaves than the Arizona Ash Tree. Blooms: N/A Poisonous: No. It is only a couple years old but seems to be doing well. The Arizona Ash is another good all-time favorite. A medium-size Oak tree at about 10 -15 years of age – Photo Below. it is the only tree I found that was wider than it was tall, and this is true today.. wonderful tree with colorful yellow gold leafs,, dropping them all of Jan and new leafs in Feb. Their root system is extensive so planting one near water pipes or water features is not a good idea. This tree is drought tolerant and can tolerate poor soil, which makes it a good choice for southwestern landscapes. wide. Learn more about pecan trees right here. Houzz Call: What Have You Salvaged for Home Use? Fertilize your live oak tree shade tree in spring when foliage sprouts. tall and 25ft. Shade trees for the Desert Southwest. If you have questions you can CONTACT US here via email. It turns a rich red color during the fall and provides great shade. It is also one of the first trees to leaf out during early spring. USDA zones 2-9. It is also called the Ginkgo biloba ‘Autumn Gold’ tree. My Houzz: A Treehouse-Like Dwelling in Los Angeles, Your Floor: An Introduction to Solid-Plank Wood Floors, Isn’t It Good, Nordic Wood: The Appeal of Pale Floors, Guest Picks: Light Wood Accents That'll Grow on You, Houzz Tour: Shades of Japan in an Updated ’60s Gem. Not only will it provide you with the shade it will also give you that nice curb, landscape appeal. It is a perfect tree for those who want shade and a low watering tree. Do you like putting color on your ceiling? The Bonita Ash is similar to the Arizona ash tree. It can grow up to 60ft tall and about 100ft wide when mature. Excellent shade tree for a medium-sized Dual fuel or gas oven? Anthracnose thrives in areas where there are high humidity and moisture. Water Conservation tips for the southwest, Purple Leaf Plum Trees – Landscaping tree, Chinese Pistache Trees – Southwest Landscape, Fabian Aralia Plant For indoor decoration. AUTUMN GOLD MAIDENHAIR TREE This shade tree is a non-fruiting male specimen. Deciduous. It is a relative of the Poplar family trees. It will produce acorns that will drop during the spring seasons so there is some maintenance involved. It will turn a golden yellow in the fall. Painting them, a very soft pale blue, really accentuated the molding we spent money on. It is deciduous and the leaves turn a bright golden yellow in the fall. On average, however, these trees grow to be between 40 and 60 feet at maturity, with some species reaching 80 feet in height. All Ash trees  are susceptible to borers and Anthracnose. I might regret it only because it seems *really* high water use, but that might just be during establishment.... we'll see. Average Landscape Size: Height grows up to 30 to 35ft. They will grow to about 30’ feet tall by 30’ wide which makes them great for At least no complaints here, so I'll take that as a positive! They can grow about 50ft tall and 50-60ft wide. I need a new range. It does very well in the desert southwest. I get why people love them, but I also think they come with a lot of frustration. It is an evergreen tree however it will shed old foliage during the fall seasons and provides great shade. When it reaches maturity it becomes a beautiful shade tree. Types of Pecan Trees. It is a fan-shaped green leave that turns a brilliant golden yellow in the fall season. What caused me to shy away is the "splitting bark syndrome" I hear so much about online. wide at about 30 years of age. The Live Oak tree is moderate to a fast-growing evergreen shade tree. Pecan trees are also a great tree for shade, they have a nice large canopy and can grow up to about 70ft. How do you like yours? I would choose between the one with the best stove top that you want; the oven will clean regardless. I'd be weary of planting any Arizona Ash primarily because of ash decline, Full sun. Learn more here. If anyone is growing a Bonita, I'd appreciate any info, good or bad. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. We want front-yard shade but don't want a too-tall tree. Beautiful trees though! This tree is drought tolerant and can tolerate poor soil, which makes it a good choice for southwestern landscapes. My understanding is that it's similar to a Fan-tex except its growth habit is more wide and low, like a mushroom. Do you have problems with the heat and find you need to water mid day? It is very similar to the Modesto ash but slightly taller and narrow leaves. It is very drought tolerant once it gets established. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Hello, we have a Bonita Ash in our tree lawn. If I cover a Hypertufa bench with mosaic, will that prolong it's life? Other than my porch ceiling and kids' bath in my old home I've never painted a ceiling. Typically around the 3rd or 4th year after planting. Read more about this tree here. There's a few emitters near the trunk, so apparently it doesn't require ridiculous amounts of water. This has been the best option so far, but really, as soon as you use a spray cleaner, you have to re-buff with wax. The Bonita Ash tree is a great broadleaf tree that grows in a rounded and wide shape. Why have it if it fades into the ceiling? Low watering and easy to maintain. They thrive in full sun and their thick canopies provide great shade. Virginians receiving random seeds that may have come from China. This disease is not as pervasive as other parts of the country. Find out more about the Desert Willow here. The Desert Willow is a drought-tolerant tree that will provide shade. I [foolishly] planted a shamel ash and finally pulled it out and put in a palo blanco tree instead. Ginko Biloba tree. Plant it in the front of your home for a really great landscaping scene. Ash trees are moderate water users and do well as street trees and in gardens requiring .

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