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VAT No. The spring of 2020 has brought about many challenges to every corner of the world. Deciding what is the best webinar software comes down to comparing the capabilities and high-quality webinar features each one comes with, its pricing and the type of support you can get so that you are able to use it to its full potential. Brands who need to do webinar marketing on a budget. The best webinar software will be able to help you keep in touch with customers, staff, and other audiences, by providing an easy to use video conferencing platform. Picking the best webinar hosting platform for your business shouldn't be hard. Livestorm includes many opportunities for audience engagement including chat, polls, and Q&A. For larger webinars, try WebinarJam, GoToWebinar or a video conferencing software like Zoom or BlueJeans Events. We’ll be running through the features, pros and cons of each platform, plus a brief explanation on what purpose each platform is best suited to – everything you need to choose the best webinar platform for your needs. A few things it does really well: This platform postulates to offer all the features one needs for a smooth flow of as many webinars as may be necessary. Company No. If you want a top-notch webinar platform, this one is worth considering. This platform is directly integrated with Cloud. You can host amazing video conferencing meeting with your team and enjoy HD quality video. It incorporates all the features necessary to conduct meetings, lectures, and presentations. Demio is one of the best webinar platforms available today. To this end, they have a separate section, "WebEx for education." 4. Zoom is a webinar platform and conferencing software in one. ClickMeeting is another dedicated webinar tool and it pretty much offers all the features you would expect at this stage. So you get a lot of features for your money compared to GoToWebinar and a completely different set of features to Demio. Social media integration: Reach your audience across Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch and Twitter. 290356105. The recently re-launched platform earns major points for its simplicity of use and low price-point. And using GoToWebinar may be a good choice. Demio. Many meetings were leaked into the web, so if you care about data security, think twice and choose the platform responsibly. Get Started With Clickmeeting. WebEx is more than a webinar platform, combing a wider range of features for holding online meetings, events, training sessions, interactive presentations and team collaboration. We’ll be running through the features, pros and cons of each platform, plus a brief explanation on what purpose each platform is best suited to – everything you need to choose the best webinar platform for your needs. But, for marketing and sales purposes it falls behind in comparison to Demio and WebinarNinja. Due to its unsurpassed features, it ranks first in almost all top webinar platforms. GoToWebinar offers seven days of free usage for the audience up to 100 people. For its free version, it supports 100 … Plenty of integrations; Great value with smaller plans; Awesome conferencing and teaching tools; Try Now. WebinarJam - Cloud Based Webinar Platform . 8291791. Few platforms can match these two in terms of marketing features and automated/hybrid webinars. 5 Main Harms Caused to Health by Internet Addiction, What to Consider while Choosing a Webinar Platform, eBook: The Power of Emotion in Customer Service, eBook: The Innovator's Guide to the Digital-First Contact Center, Checklist: Power of Emotion. Leadformly Low prices come at a cost, though, and there’s very little in the way of webinar marketing features with Zoom. And if the college, uni or school you work for has rather strict policies, better oblige with whatever option is on the plate. © 2020 Technology Marketing Corporation. Unlike many webinar platforms, which offer automated or live webinars, Demio offers both, as well as an option for hybrd mixes of pre-recorded and live recordings. Of all the tools in this post, WebinarNinja gives Demio the biggest run for its money. This way, there will be no need for any downloads from the web. If customization and personalization are essential for your webinar marketing strategy, try out On24. Educators from all over the world use them extensively to ensure an uninterrupted curriculum in their institutions. Do your research with all these points mind before making a choice; Are there any recommendations from your institution? At Venture Harbour, we use automated webinars for many of our ventures. As a video conferencing platform, Zoom is a feature-rich platform that’ll meet the needs of most corporate businesses. It gives you the chances to build a more personal relationship with your audience, delve deeper into your interested topics, build your brand or company image effectively and so on. Hands down, WebinarJam is one of the best webinar hosting platforms in the biz. Best Webinar Software: Platforms To Teach or Sell Webinars are a great way to teach your audience, sell products and services, and provide additional value to your audience. Without further adieu, here are our picks for the best online webinar platforms. The right webinar platform for you, depends on your specific needs, of course. They are focused on using webinars to sell, but you can absolutely use it for any purpose. Instead, we’re going to run through some of the best webinar marketing platforms available right now to get your own webinar strategy up and running. This option will be especially convenient if you and your audience possess and actively use Gmail accounts. Once again, this isn’t a webinar platform and you don’t get any of the marketing features we’ve looked at so far. If I’m honest, JetWebinar isn’t the best looking platform, and while it does have most of the key features (like automated webinars, on demand replays, and landing pages), it’s not quite as polished as Demio. Indeed, this option is the one many specialists turn to now. Usually, the quality is better if each counterpart in the educational process has a platform installed on their devices; What about the budget? As you can see below in the far column, we were able to double the percentage of attendees on our webinar from 39% to 80% by switching from live webinars to automated and hybrid ones. Try out these top webinar platforms. There are options for automation of the materials, and many features for engagement with the audience. A 2019 Demand Gen Report showed that 77% of marketers use webinars for lead generation. So this is helpful as I try to figure out which platform is best for me, TrueNorth For us, Demio and WebinarNinja came out on top as we were looking for a webinar marketing platform specifically. Sign up to receive our updates and other TMCnet news! The best webinar software will be able to help you keep in touch with customers, staff, and other audiences, by providing an easy to use video conferencing platform. What’s particularly impressive about their platform is how it handles scale – they claim to have less than 300ms lag for events with over 10,000 attendees! Businesses that need an all-in-one video conferencing tool that includes live webinar broadcasting. WebinarJam allows you to use pop … Livestream is by no means webinar platform but rather a system designed to create studio-like live streaming. WebinarGeek is the most reliable and secure webinar platform for awesome webinars, no download required. Google Hangouts are already in-built in each account. Webinars OnAir positions itself as a tool that provides “all the webinar features you need” from a platform of this kind. WebinarJam. Before listing the best options, it is important to identify the main criteria each educator should consider first. Know which campaigns will work without wasting budget with our latest venture, TrueNorth. It’s far more than a webinar tool but perhaps not the best webinar marketing tool. Throughout your webinar, Demio also allow you to run interactive polls, launch offers with call-to-action buttons, share live document handouts, run Q&As and much more. In this article, you will find five top webinar platforms. Webinars give you the chance to build a more personal relationship with your audience, delve deeper into the topics that concern them and build your brand as a place people can come to for important info. #1: Demio. I am looking for a webinar platform that allows me to verify if people are truly attending or not? The pandemic has affected each sphere of human lives. How large is the audience? How useful they’ll be to you really depends on what you’re looking for but I wouldn’t say any of these additional features are essential. Or stream webinars in the highest bitrate possible in your own studio with RTMP streaming. Consult with the students as well. Yet it still manages to lack a few vital marketing features and never really feels like a professional grade platform. However, there were some scandals involved with Zoom. Show More . If you have little to no technical knowledge regarding how to set up a webinar, then this easy-to-use webinar platform has you covered. How Do Webinar Platforms Help Engagement? Marketers who want a dedicated webinar tool with automated replays but put more emphasis on the live events. Demio is the best webinar platform if your audience size is under 50 attendees. Brands that produce professional grade live video content for streaming across online platforms – webinars optionally included.

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