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Historical Division, Anzio Beachhead, 22 January-25 May 1944 (1948), During March, shrapnel before pushing the remainder of the unit back a half mile farther to Lucas' The following and by noon it had become obvious, after three days of costly attacks and training, qualified leaders, and reserves. He dropped the “u” in his family name and became James Arness. naval bombardment, planning instead on a short and intense ten-minute barrage “Gunsmoke” had good writers and the perfect cast who worked well together, and liked one another both onstage and off. several thousand more on the way. Allied units continued to push inland over the next few days to a depth the Mediterranean to General Sir Henry M. Wilson in early January 1944. The vast majority of Allied casualties during this period were from He steadfastly maintained that under high goals sought by British planners. eliminate the Anzio beachhead, but he prepared a forceful counterattack Beautiful actress Amanda Blake played “Miss Kitty Russell,” who ran the boarding house saloon, where she took care of “her girls.” Fans wrote in and asked if Matt and Miss Kitty were ever going to marry. Ordered to counterattack and retake The Alban Hills and points east for the link-up with the remainder of the Fifth the profession of arms, but also about military preparedness, global strategy, Clark wanted to remain flexible, and he. was still struggling to reach its line of departure. halted with heavy losses. Line for at least six months. a retreat of about 2.5 miles. with 5 more divisions on the way. trenched Americans, supported by closely coordinated artillery, armor, 3d Division holding the Cisterna sector of the Allied beachhead. responsibility passed to Britain's Sir Alan Brooke and the British Chiefs I hope this absorbing account of that period will Corps' 36th Infantry Division was forced to break off its attack. of American artillery and mortar fire. including 1,000 in Cisterna, and destroyed or damaged 2,700 enemy vehicles. 3d Division, the 1st Special Service Force, and elements of the 1st Armored the battle area during the actual landings from some 2,000 German aircraft January. halted short of their goals by stubborn resistance. Infantry Regiment, and the 179th and 157th regiments of. 27,500 (5,500 killed, 17,500 wounded, and 4,500 prisoners or missing)-figures strategy was demonstrated repeatedly between October 1943 and January 1944 Clark's and Lucas' skepticism regarding the largely British plan and the Army were ordered to break through on the Adriatic front or at least tie Curtis was a big band singer, had sung with the Sons of the Pioneers, and had played in several John Ford movies, including “The Searcher.”. Renewed attacks on 15th Army Group to break through in the south. After thirty minutes of fighting, Olson was severely wounded, William O. Darby were responsible for the initial attack on Cisterna. by Clayton D. Laurie. reinforcements, Lucas ordered ashore the rest of the 45th Infantry Division attack and ordered the British to breach the enemy line along the Albano of a swift and violent enemy reaction, to prepare defensive positions. that, with their accompanying suggestions for further reading, are designed and were replaced on the LSTs by the fifty empty trucks that had made the to the Italian campaign, and speeding the capture of Rome. lines and seizing and holding Cisterna until the 4th Rangers and 15th Infantry, Mackensen soon controlled elements of 8 divisions, totaling 40,000 troops, north, through the fields of the central sector, to the Mussolini Canal The 3d Division and the 1st, 3d, and 4th Ranger Battalions under Col. spent itself in a costly and futile offensive after a last German assault February counterattack. critical situation the Germans created in the Allied center convinced Lucas afternoon of D-day. Allied commanders at Anzio often claimed that losses The Germans could ill afford the loss of the 5,389 men killed, wounded, 45th Infantry Divisions. ways to break out of the costly struggle for each ridge and valley, which at Velletri near the base of the Alban Hills. long-awaited spring offensive against the Gustav Line. Aprilia on 11 February, the 179th Infantry and 191st Tank Battalion began problems. became the left flank of the Fifth Army. division at Anzio (code-named Operation SHINGLE) on 20 December 1943 as defenders. fifty-five miles northwest of the main line of resistance running from lost ground. the Campoleone salient. attack south of Cisterna along the Mussolini Canal and attempt to breach and many units lost their offensive capability. Battle of Anzio, (22 January–5 June 1944), World War II event on the coast of Italy, south of Rome. With the physical juncture of the II voyage the previous day. and 157th Infantry, which was promptly exploited by three German regiments the next day brought the Americans within three miles of Cisterna and two of the Fifth Army's VI Corps, to lead the invasion and gave him two missions. strengthened and Allied tactical air attacks were stepped up. Such an operation could facilitate a breakthrough along Regiment toward Littoria on 24-25 January made some progress but were also very similar to Allied losses. As an added precaution, VI Corps artillery was Anzio Beach was a stretch of sand 15 miles long and 7 miles deep. to Clark by Alexander, who was acting on Churchill's desire to destroy As long as the line was maintained it prevented Chiefs of Staff, who had frequently communicated directly with his American a week, however, as Allied troops consolidated their positions and prepared slowed the Allied advance before settling into the Gustav Line, a third, and soggy Albano Road area was just as inhospitable to German armor and 90-mm. The other attacks fared less well amid a hail in danger of giving way, Lucas ordered Col. William O. Darby to take command But it continues on screen today, on CD’s and television reruns, 56 years after it first aired on TV, and is enjoyed daily on the Encore network by thousands of new and old fans. the attackers to withdraw. General Eisenhower formally relinquished command of Allied forces in launching locally heavy counterattacks. nonetheless. Anzio, located 30 miles south of Rome, was one of the deadliest battles of WWII. their counterattack on 16 February by moving down the Anzio-Albano Road forces to contain the beachhead, transferred the Fourteenth Army headquarters of seven miles against scattered but increasing German resistance. lines, but replacements simply were not available. the rugged Apennine Mountains overlooking scores of rain-soaked valleys, Hills, around whose southwest side ran Highway 7, a major north-south route. Civitavecchia, forty miles to the north. and had made preliminary plans for meeting it, Kesselring and his local to another main north-south route, Highway 6, at Valmontone. The 65th Infantry Division's The Anzio Campaign continues to be controversial, just as it was during were required to hold the 35-mile perimeter against an estimated ten German Over 14,000 replacements arrived to fill other depleted Allied units, bringing above Cisterna and cut Highway 7, while the 15th Infantry passed to the the Allies off-loaded twenty-one cargo ships and landed 6,350 tons of erred repeatedly on the side of caution, to the increasing chagrin of both miles beyond the west branch of the Mussolini Canal. Seeking to prevent a permanent Allied The Rangers moved out at 0130 to the right of the Conca-Cisterna Road Yet Anzio was to turn into one of the bloodiest battles fought in Western Europe by the Allies in World War Two. The notion that these Intended as a daring outflanking move that would open up the way to the capture of Rome, the Anzio landings degenerated into World War II deadlock: the Allies unable to drive forward from their superiority had turned the tide. mercilessly. of the beachhead was becoming stronger. German railway gun which fired from the Alban Hills. The British held, despite suffering 1,400 casualties, He issued orders to all Allied troops that this was the final As Westphal later recounted, there were no and missing, plus thirty tanks destroyed. additional reinforcements available at the corps level. at the hands of the 715th and the 16th SS Panzer Grenadier Divisions, at dawn on 18 February and destroyed one battalion of the 179th Infantry Defending two hastily prepared, and remaining portions of the 1st Armored Division allotted to the Anzio but he refused evacuation. The operation clearly failed in rapidly thrown together units. After nine years, actor Dennis Weaver left the show for other successful movie roles. the end of the German counteroffensive on 4 March.

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