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To begin the process of E-Filing a CP, the e-filer (petitioner attorney law firm) will click on the top menu item “E-Filing” and then select “New Claim”. New informational videos for parties involved in the Superior Court have been posted on our Superior Court … The United States District Court for the District of New Jersey utilizes the Case Management Electronic Filing System (CM/ECF) for accepting court documents for filing. Members of the bar should familiarize themselves with the Policy and Procedures governing electronic case filing. Superior Court Electronic Filing Rules Adopted by the NH Supreme Court. Superior Court to begin emailing notices and non-confidential orders to parties. A login and password are required for electronic filing. Electronic Filing Encouraged. Effective October 5, 2020, the Superior Court of Los Angeles County will implement mandatory efiling for all non-adoption documents filed by litigants and/or agencies represented by attorneys in Juvenile … E-Filing in State Court: eCourts Civil Basics (NJ)by Practical Law Litigation Related Content Maintained • New JerseyA Practice Note providing an overview on electronic filing (e-filing) through eCourts Civil for all actions in the New Jersey Superior Court… On the next … This document will outline the step-by-step procedures for e-filing and downloading Motions and Answers to Motions from the COURTS … Felonies First Implementation Schedule. Certain records are not available for public inspection in accordance with statutes and the Rules of Court Governing the State of New Jersey Judiciary. Electronic Filing of a Claim Petition. New Jersey eCourts (effective 1/15/18). A. eCOURTS Civil - Mandatory Electronic Filing in The Civil Part of The Law Division of Superior Court … Only defendants with a case(s) on which he or she was convicted and sentenced in Superior Court… For more information on the eFiling programs currently underway in Maricopa County, to view the eFiling Guidelines and for information on how to get started with eFiling, visit our Help section or click here. E-Filing Motions Procedures Guide rev date 7/16/2014 Page 1 of 26 COURTS on-line Electronic Filing of Motions and Answers to Motions with Attachment Upload PROCEDURES GUIDE . Attorneys filing in vicinages where eCourts Civil has been implemented are encouraged to begin filing electronically prior-to the mandatory dates.

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