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This type of acoustic fencing system is suitable for installations up to 2.5m high and acts as a noise reflector as well as a sound barrier. ... panel is constructed using timber framework with a centre core filled with mineral wool and covered with a geo-textile membrane. Acoustic Absorbent. The U.V. Registered Address: Henwood House, Henwood, Ashford, Kent, TN24 8DH, AcoustiFence Noise Barrier Fencing Membrane, Acoustiblok 3mm Sound Insulation Membrane, Acoustiblok 6mm Sound Insulation Membrane, Website design and hosting by Design Magic. Menu. The Echo H4 is the highest quality Acoustic Barrier available. This yields coincidental gains in attenuation at those specific frequencies where rigid barriers have strong deficiencies. Acoustiblok UK Limited – Registered in the UK: 04841949. You can also paint it to blend in to any environment.AcoustiFence is a flexible material. — H8 Acoustic Barrier — A speedy way to create extensive acoustic fencing. It is extremely durable and is made from high quality PVC, as well as several layers of acoustic canceling technology including a weatherproof membrane and a reinforced durable mesh. Correct overlapping of materials and use of ties to ensure a flat, closed and secure seam if essential. Home; Our Products. At 3.5 metres, an H8 barrier is about three times the length of our standard product – yet it’s still lightweight at just 9kg. 3. Acoustic Barriers - Noise Barriers - Acoustic Fencing . AcoustiFence is a high performance soundproof fencing and acoustic barrier membrane to combat unwanted road, rail and neighbour noise. When noise is generated on site, the Heras Acoustic Barrier membrane will absorb noise and reduce the degree of noise pollution. By utilising the eyelets which have been inserted on every side, the barriers can be attached by cable ties, screws or specialist fixing kits to site fencing, scaffolding, hoarding’s and many other structures. As both Acoustiblok and Thermablok Aerogel are founded on NASA based technology, we felt it was about time we brought them under one house, linking the company’s drive toward sourcing specialist insulation solutions which work in a forward thinking and intelligent way. To install you simply hook the barrier onto the top of any sized Temporary Fencing Panel then use the clips provided to clip the barrier onto the back of the fence. The panels used in JCW Acoustic Supplies fencing and acoustic barrier range are also specially designed to satisfy stringent highway performance standards. An ideal solution to tackle residential and even industrial noise pollution. Easily installed to existing perimeter fences or standard substrates such as post and rail, chainlink, hoarding and herras fencing. The material is easily hung with minimum labour and effort, via grommets onto the top of an existing fencing substrate or support posts Additional tensioning wires, as used within a chain link fence can be installed running horizontally to pull the material into the frame. Extends product life to retain acoustic performance in … As well as this an acoustic absorption material made entirely from recycled material, meaning that it is completely biodegradable. They are designed to hook simply onto the top of any sized Temporary Fencing Panel. World Fence News defines AcoustiFence as a ‘new defence against outdoor noise pollution’. Acoustic Barriers are simple to install and require a fitting kit. 1 Layer Sound Barriers. Alternatively if attaching to a timber frame, post and rail or hit and miss type scenarios, many clients would attach with the use of timber battens or lattice work to secure AcoustiFence in place. An ideal solution to tackle residential and even industrial noise pollution.

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