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The Just Jewels Deluxe slot offers 5 reels to achieve the best combinations on its 10 paylines. Novomatic offers you a slot with Scatter symbols and a total jackpot that can be up to 50,000 euros. If you’re passionate about precious gems and jewelry it’s time to step into a slot based on unbridled luxury, wealth and good life. Here’s what the Just Jewels Deluxe slot machine is about.


Play with the Just Jewels Deluxe slot machine in search of the symbols that will make you complete the best combinations and win the highest prizes available online. With at least 3 Scatter symbols you can win a prize and remember that if you close more than one combination you will only be paid the largest with Scatter symbols and will be added to the other winnings.


Playing with the Just Jewels Deluxe slot machine you will have different betting possibilities. In fact, it allows you to bet a minimum of 4 cents on a single payment line up to 100 euros. Thanks to this wide range of opportunities the slot is suitable for both good-budget players who have players who simply want to spend their time in joy. To get your winnings, you’ll need to check the paytable and try to align the symbols from left to right. Once you have managed to close a winning combination you will be offered the chance to risk. With this you will be able to challenge fate to double your winnings by playing 50% of your chances.


No, online casinos haven’t made me a millionaire, but I’m really taken by the excitement and fun that casinos offer me. I’m here to show you what I’ve learned over time…

You get 65 euros for free and more than 1000 euros in bonuses now!