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The Daredevil offers all players 5 reels and 9 paylines on which they can play. With the Scatter and Wild symbols, you can win up to 40,000 euros of jackpots if luck will assist you to the end. There are two places you may have heard of Daredevil, the first is of course the famous comic book, the second is in the cinema in one of the very successful films about this hero. The adaptation of Cryptologic is based more on comics than on the film, so let’s say that Emo will not be very happy, it is in fact a classic Daredevil and maybe it is better so. The game is great, the graphics are very clean and well-groomed, although held in cardboard style.


The symbols you would expect on the reels are: Kingpin, Bullseye, Jester and company and in fact they are all there. There is also an assortment of ninja-style weapons. To make the most of the potential of this game it is certainly a good idea to use all the paylines that are very easy to control through the options on the screen. The Wild symbol is just Daredevil and you’ll want to see it on the second and fourth reel since only there can appear and when it does it will make you complete the winning combinations replacing any other symbols you need.


Playing with Daredevil you will never tire of venturing into new situations and if you manage to get 3 Daredevils you will access the bonus game and it is free cash in general. The reels darken and you’ll have to reveal the tiles until you match 3 and they will turn into a number that will be the money you have won. The minimum wage is 5 cents, while the maximum is 5 cents. The largest payout is 8,000 tokens, which therefore offer a jackpot of 40,000 euros. A very intriguing win, but certainly not easy to achieve. The game of course, like all the legal ones in the Marvel world also offers you 3 progressive jackpots that can start at any time. It starts at 50 euros, then 500 euros to get to the highest progressive jackpot of 5,000 euros.